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Thursday, September 09, 2004  

If we can hold on for 24 hours we are promised, by weather dot com, a week of God’s weather. Low humidity, cool nights, sunshiny days and


I got home last night to another sopping wet refrigerator. BD is OOT till late tonight and he had forgotten to turn on the fan - or thought it “wasted” electricity - this when, if you don’t turn on the fan, the fridge condenses so much water the enamel rusts. We argue over these kinds of things all the time because we’ve come to terms on pretty much all the important stuff. What’s left is the sort of sibling squabbling one expects to hear from the back seat of a car.

La - I am ever amazed at the turn my thinking takes when I just sit down and start typing.

When I got home though, the tide was still mid-way to up so I didn’t get any photos of the submerged pier. I’ll check again this a.m. and if it’s high I will see if I can nerve myself for a dip in the water. I don’t like to swim off the pier unless it’s really a fall high tide, because the bottom of Jacob’s Gut is soft - as in knee deep goosh - mud. Only children will play in it, and not many of them. Ick. I shudder just thinking of it. Ahh - but with a really high tide you can just roll off the end of the pier - or roll back on. You never have to put your feet in that chocolate pudding stuff.

And yes, I’d love a mud bath sea kelp wrap from the Homestead Spa for my birthday. That is different. Everybody knows.


For a knitting blog I certainly do write a lot about the weather. Of course, the east coast has had a lot of weather the past few weeks, and when one lives as au naturelle as we do, weather is always in the equation. I rather like it that way too - I want to be in the world. I just wish, sometimes, the world were a little more temperate.

So, for some knitting content I will report that the second sleeve of the PML sweater is moving on up. In fact, I’m off to knit on it more as soon as I finish with this post. I am also looking hard at aran designs. Though I like several sweaters in the XRX book, I don’t want to do any of them in brick red. There is a Kristen Nicholas sweater in her Knitting the New Classics that I really like. It’s extremely close to, but not quite what I’m wanting to do. I’m still pondering the shape. Settled on hip length, but mind now, I’m short waisted so even then it shan’t be too long. Definitely NOT a drop shoulder - mmm slightly doubtful about saddle shoulders. I’m top heavy and set in sleeves really look best on me. Well, they look best on 90% of all people.

This is one of the problems I have with knitting books. The photos seldom present an honest image. You have to look hard at the actual structure of the garment and see if the design person (can’t remember the job title) has pulled the back of the sweater tight so that that droopy underarm bagginess is hidden. Do you see the shoulder seam wrapped around the slender shapely (as in you can see her waist) model’s upper arm? I promise you, there’s a row of clothes pins marching down her back. That underarm fullness seems to be the bugaboo of most sweater designs. That’s why fashion writers will type “The slimming raglan effect”.

Well. There’s slimming and then there’s merely eliminating underarm bagginess. When a shoulder heavy woman, with a convex clavicle, wears a raglan - I can tell you, the loss of the UAB is not compensation enough for the way those diagonal lines seem to thrust one’s shoulder line into linebacker’s proportions.

Okay, no raglans, no dropped sleeves, maybe a saddle, maybe not. Hip length - 24” at most. A little moss or seed stitch. I keep meaning to wax eloquent about the joys of combination knitting (thank you Annie for the gentle insistence). What a difference this has made on my willingness to use certain stitches - ones I used to avoid - because now the sensation of switching from knit to purl is almost imperceptible. Ribbing suddenly becomes fun! I’m actually thinking of all over ribbing on some future design. Nobody will ever call me a zippy knitter, but at least I don’t feel like I’m the ox dragging the cart through the Great Gate of Kiev.

Well, I’ll take a peek in the Alice Starmore Aran book at the library today. Might find what I’m looking for there. In the mean time - it’s off to the PMLS. (Oh! Premenstrual Masters of Library Science? Pre Marital Lace Sweater? Acronyms are so much fun!)

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