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Friday, September 03, 2004  

I used part of one of my vast hoard of sick leave days yesterday afternoon and came home to crash. A 2 hour nap and another 8 of night sleep has worked wonders on the aching jaw of WisdomToothRepair origin. But not before I crept shamefacedly back into the gym for a session with TthePT. Oh man - have I ever missed working out with her. She is just so dawgone good. The heat was pouring off my large muscle groups and even my jaw began to feel better. So, yeah, I could have stayed at work the rest of the day - just, I was too sleepy and I was caught up with everything urgent.

Funny how people’s paths cross. Even though we live in a tiny community (10,000) if it weren’t for the gym I would hardly even know TthePT’s name. She does use the library because her kids have required reading to do throughout the school year. But her kids are just in their early teens - while mine is nearer to 30. We live at different ends of the county - easily 25 miles apart. She’s a pretty serious Baptist and I have always walked my own spiritual path. And truth is, my upbringing, lifestyle, tastes and education point me in the direction of the arts and hers pointed her towards the gym.

When I first joined the gym she was one of the class instructors and though she had that jock sort of way of teaching classes, she was also interesting. (we have other jockette instructors who are deadly dull) So if I felt macho I would take one of her classes, but mostly I didn’t. At the time I decided I wanted individual instruction I also decided I wanted to work with a woman. In our first session it was obvious she was shy and nervous with me. I am the LibraryDirector and so I have obviously read ALL those books and know EVERYTHING and have a severe scowl for those who AreNotEggHeads. It’s funny how smart people think the person behind the desk is.

Anyway, she soon saw that I respected her skills and knowledge; actually valued them enough to pay her to teach them to me. Once she was no longer nervous around me, wow, did she open up with generous abandon. I pay her for one hour sessions. They have never last less than 90 minutes. And when I finish with a work out with TthePT I feel reborn; energized, supple, glowing, powerful.

Never, ever, underestimate the gifts another has for you.

And both of us are glad its September and we can get back into a routine.

But other than exercising and napping, yesterday was pretty much a wash. The Magnificent Sheryl left the house sparkling and the Fabulous Caleb did the same number on the lawn. I am ready for a 3 day weekend.

Continuing to pray for the safety of all in Florida, with special prayers for Catherine and her family.

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