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Did you get the new cookbook? 125 recipes, all on the Core program, but have point values too, so it's good for either one... I just flipped through so far and it looks GOOOOOOOD! The Turn Around Program Cookbook...

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Friday, September 17, 2004  

I really want to post this witty clever review of New York’s Fall Fashion Week because there are so many good photos out there. I just don’t have the time to wait for old equipment to move things across dial-up internet lines. I’ll try to remember to come back to this over the weekend.

Today I get another shot at ThePerfectHaircut - at 8 o’clock. That puts me in town an hour and a half before I’m due at work, so I can get in a complete workout at the gym. I’m scrambling this month to get in at least 8 visits because if I go 8 times a month, the county pays half my membership fee. Funny how much I resent it when my paycheck shows the penalty - it’s not all that much, but my goodness it irks the dickens out of me. Yes, I could go use the phone in the lobby and it could still “count” as a visit, but somehow I can’t cheat about this. If I don’t at least walk around the track once I can’t really call it a visit. (Believe me, I tried, and felt like huge neon arrows were blinking above my head saying ‘Liar, Liar,Liar’.) If you know you’re going to be gone most of the month you can just go inactive, but then you can’t use the gym on the weeks you are home during that month.

So - how hard is it to get 8 visits in in 21 days? Harder than you'd think, some months, but I will make my quota. I have to. It's September. Only good things are allowed to happen in September.

No lovely man in a delivery truck brought brick red yarn to me yesterday. Let us hope one does so today. In the mean time I pulled out the Anny Blatt stuff, bought several years ago, and swatched away. It’s two yarns, Chimere, a wool/mohair/polyamide blend boucle, this one orange with a black binder yarn, and Angora Super, which is 80%angora/30% wool in a color called Pourpre (color #454) - it’s pink and orange and cream. I’m knitting the two together on 10.5’s (because that’s the biggest circular needle I can find in my stash)and will make a very plain scrunchy looking sweater out of it. There’s no point in doing much else with this much fuzzy furry texture. Maybe a big twist just below a v-neck, but maybe a turtleneck. Depends on how much yarn I have. I bought enough to make a cowl necked sweater for the pre Weight Watchers me so there ought to be... but one never knows, does one? Thank goodness I look best in short sweaters, the ones only 22” long.

And tonight we take LD&GF out to dinner for her birthday. I have only 3 more dinners to cook before vacation! Ahh yes - and that reminds me to call about a dinner reservation for myself at Good Eats in Kinsale - for my birthday. It feels so good to be having two birthday dinners in September, once again. Seems like all the best of those H men are obliged to find happiness with Virgos. How fortunate for them.


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