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Wednesday, September 01, 2004  

Happy September First to one and all! This is my Birthday Month!

That’s not a wheedle for a present, but an invitation to share with me the joy I feel for having gotten to come to earth and march down the path - for the opportunity to be On the Quest.

I absolutely love September. I love its surprising juxtaposition of harvest and completion, onto new beginnings. Like many of you, I feel the urge to buy pencils and thick stacks of fresh paper, notebooks and little bags for carrying my lunch. New clothes figure prominently in September, too, as well as new foods, because now the apples will be crisp and fresh and snappy again. I am so thrilled that the nights will once more invite the snuggle of blankets. I’m dancing with the thought of wearing sweaters again. Inspired, I even feel like knitting a sweater. How about a brick red aran in Cashmerino? With a matching aran hat?

I also love September because in my secret self it is the beginning of the Christmas season. From now on, I anticipate nothing but parties, if not in reality, at least in my heart. A party heart is a heart that always has a little giggle behind its steady beat. It expects extra joy so it usually finds it. We’ll begin our party season with a birthday party for BD’sGF who celebrates her birthday a scant 3 days before I celebrate mine. Immediately after my b’day we head off on a vacation up Nawth. (I can barely post this since so often our vacation trip plans fall through - so, please, chant your anti-jinx mantras here for me.) This means I get to wear sweaters even earlier than usual. Isn’t it splendid how sweaters cover up any excess with their loose stretchy knitted fabrics?

Fall fiber festival follows the day after we return from our TripIfWeTakeIt and that will surely be a party. A weekend with Jen and Co.? That’s a fete indeed. I begin my knitting classes the following weekend and they are also very party like - in that I’ll have new knitters around me for hours at a time. In the midst of all that is the first VLA convention I have felt like going to in years. There is a pre-conference on graphic novels (comic books, my dear) that I am particularly interested in attending. And this year I shan’t have to listen to mewing and yammering and posturing about the CertificationIssue. Even if they natter on about it, which I suspect they will, it won’t matter to me because last January the state legislature (yea guys'n-gals in suits!) just severed the gordeon knot, so long imprisoning me, with a smooth slice of the legislative knife. Ha! So there. Nya.

October culminates with Halloween, admittedly not a particularly important holiday for me, but one that does fill the air with the happy anticipation of children, and it is immediately followed by the Knitters Review Retreat - oooo and ahhhh.

And then, you know, it’s Thanksgiving - which is our biggest feast of the year - largely due to it being LD’s favorite holiday. And then it’s Christmas and all the partiness that brings, and then New Year and then the snuggle down time of winter, highlighted by some Barbara’s Babes visits and then spring and then MS&W and then summertime again and then it’s back around to my Birthday Month.

Well. A year is so full of the sweetest things - or at least, the sweetest possibilities - and in some ways, it’s those possibles that are more fun than anything else. Especially for a lucky Virgo ENFP. I ought to be the happiest chick in the nest. I certainly feel that way today.

Wishing all the rest of you a matching joy.

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