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Only 2-4 inches?? Up here in Southern Alberta that would be somethin'! We've had rain almost every day for a month, and we're told that's still not enough to make up for the last 4 years of drought...

I am green over your ebony needles -- but ouch! Even in Canadian $$ they would be expensive. Perhaps a Birthday or Christmas treat? :-)

By Blogger Margaret, at 8:41 AM  

Yay! Speedy wishes for the Cashmerino! I spent half of what I could scrape up for my own aran on the new baby, but maybe next month I can splurge again...

And I'd love to see pictures of high tide along with that gorgeous hat, if you're trying to kill off some film...

By Blogger Amie, at 11:10 AM  

It's a deal. I'm off for home and will get some shots of the pier under water. And I just called Ram Wools and asked if they had pleanty of brick color in stock and the man said yes sure lots and they'd ship it out tomorrow or Friday.

Who's dancing now?

By Blogger Bess, at 5:24 PM  

Yeppers - I called Mr. Ram Wools (a guy answered) and asked if there was pleanty of Brick colored Cashmerino in stock. He said he'd seen my order and went to check - came back and said there was pleanty and it would be shipped this week! Who's danicing now!!

By Blogger Bess, at 6:19 PM  

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004  

Good news from Catherine, who has a house with a roof on it, even if she doesn’t have electricity. I can’t help feeling like prayers were answered, there. I refuse to complain about the weather because it could be worse. It could be lots worse, in fact. Today we are expecting only rain and probably only 2-4 inches and no wind. That is enough of a good grace gift for me. The mountains are expecting 12 inches plus winds. I’m glad it’s post-swimming weather, because in a week the river will be chocolate milk brown with silt from the mountain runoff, upstream.

We’ve been having extraordinarily high tides all week. Monday LD&GF showed up for dinner but instead of coming in, they poked heads inside and said “come see the high tide.” It was about 8 inches over the pier. We waded out to look at the boats and LD tied up the canoe so it wouldn’t drift up over the pier (and possibly crack its spine when the tide went out). The forecast is for even higher tides today so it’ll be interesting to see when I get home.

We always do get high tides in spring and fall and in winter we get what is known as Blow Out Low Tides. Now’s the time you can paddle the canoe almost up to the shore, or deep into Jacob’s Gut - into the forest - or what was the forest last year before Isabell took so much of it down.


This is beginning to sound decidedly like weather complaining - so - how about


I did it! I ordered the Cashmerino aran yarn from Ram Wools. Crossing my fingers now and chanting little pleeeeeeze sounds in hopes it will get here before we leave on our vacation. Brick is not a common color and I always feel particularly lucky when I can find it. Even with shipping I got it for under $6.50 a ball - about $1.00 less than anywhere else I’ve seen it priced. And they have what must be the full range of colors. Imagine - 3 reds!

I’m still kicking around aran designs. I’m not sure I want to actually go to the trouble of picking cables and putting them together or to just adapt an already designed sweater. I’m not even sure if I want a shortish sweater or a longish one. I really like this sweater and it would be easy to adapt.

Besides, I can just check gauge and get started if I copy someone else’s design. No experimenting around with big swatches.

But I also enjoy putting my own designs together. Well - while I finish up the purple mohair lace sweater I’ll ponder things and perhaps I shall have decided when the birthday gift arrives.

Happily the PML Sweater is at last zipping along with ease. I switched from metal needles to extremely sharp tipped ebony needles and man how my comfort zoomed! I was surprised that something as airy and loosely knitted as this sweater would cause my hands to cramp around my usual favorite Addi Turbos. But the Addi’s have awfully blunt tips. I switched to inox which has somewhat sharper tips but it didn’t make any difference. I forget who makes the ebony circular needles, but man oh man - do they have pointy tips and very long shanks. What a difference - and a pleasure.

I don’t plan to post a picture of the PML sweater - it’s being knit for someone else. But I know she will post it and when she does I’ll put a link to it. Oh. My. I’ve never even posted a picture of the pretty blue merino/cormo hat. Still half a roll of film in the camera. Hmm. I’m tempted to just develop it today... if BD wants the camera for his Maryland jaunt I’ll do just that. He hates 400 speed film.

Tonight I get a block of AloneTime, since BD’s jaunt is an overnighter. I’ll have a nice WW points-friendly soup supper, load up Pride & Prejudice on the video player, and knit that second sleeve. Goal - finish knitting the sweater and reading Big Stone Gap, complete with commentaries, by Monday A.M. Whew! Ambitious, aren’t I?

P.S. Suzanne's Ebony Needles - that's who makes them! And this site sells them for $2 less than I paid for mine.

posted by Bess | 5:22 AM