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Friday, August 20, 2004  

Yesterday's Post

The peaches are safely tucked away in their bed of sugar and pectin. Enough peach preserves to last the winter plus some to give away at Christmas. Nice, huh? I was rummaging through the cabinets, looking for empty jelly jars and found rather a lot of ancient jellies from long ago potion making sessions; honeysuckle jelly, violet jelly 1997!! Yikes! I suspect they all ought to slip down the drain. If I garner the energy this weekend, they shall. If not, they weren’t really in the way. I notice there aren’t any jars of gingered peach preserves, though.

I’ll spend today making T-shirts and planning games for tomorrow’s Pizza Party - last gasp of SRC and it can’t come soon enough. All the other meetings went well this week, so I have plenty on my plate for the fall. I’ve finally scheduled the knitting classes for October, too. I’ll do a kids class, a beginner class and a sock class. That plus Montpelier sucks up every Saturday of the month but it covers everything I’ve had requests for. There isn’t really enough information to learn while knitting a sock to use up 4 classes but between cuff and heel is surely more than 2 hours of knitting for most; ditto between heel turn, gusset and toe. So I’m thinking I might teach a Design&Make a Christmas Stocking class rather than a wearable sock. The structure can be the same, but the yarn is easier to work with and there’d be time in the classes to experiment with cables or stranded colorwork or intarsia. Also, it’s a little more timely for an October class. But that’s still up in the air.

I’m also wondering if I ought to cram 6 hours of teaching into a single day. That may overload the circuits. But I don’t want to tie up any evenings this fall. I’m needing snuggle at home time this fall and I plan to get it. I may drop one class - depends on my energy level. I don’t have to make any announcements till Sept. And is September ever rushing down on us! Wow! less than 2 weeks. How I love September. I’ve always loved the turn of the season, and with a birthday in the middle of it, I feel like it’s also the beginning of the Christmas season. Plenty to do, but somehow always easier to do when it’s not so durn hot&humid. Who knows - maybe I’ll actually finish something in September.

Okay - off to the T-shirt factory. Ta.

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