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For your challenge yarns, you might want to look at how the Koigu colors are blended in the Charlotte's Web shawl. You knit x number of rows of Color A, then alternate two rows of Color A with Color B for x number of row and then x number of rows with B and then alternate with Color C, etc. It's amazing how well that blends all the sometimes odd looking combinations together.

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Well, Fiona and myself and my two footed boys will be there soon to help inspire!

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Monday, August 16, 2004  

Yeah, well. Weathermen lie. Warn your children that if they don’t tell the truth, they'll have to be weathermen when they grow up. Besides, we're pretty used to it now and at least it’s not hot and rainy - just wet wet wet.

I'm finding it hard to believe that we're over the hump of another reunion weekend again. I'm trying to find out where in the year I am, and where that fits into what has to be done this week. It's an extraordinarily busy week, sort of like starting off with a bang - only at the end of something. I just can't seem to get the feel for my coordinates - for where I am in the universe of time and space.

The house has been almost put back in order - there are still some bed linens to be washed and/or stored away. The stairs need to be swept - though the rest of the house has been vacuumed. All the leftovers other than cake were eaten up by noon Sunday - poor BD wandered around the kitchen looking for grazing materials and had to settle for cans of soup and the sole piece of friend chicken still in the refrigerator. There's enough laundry to keep a washerwoman busy for a day, but enough clean clothes to cover the work week. Still there’s a lingering sense of "stuff to do" hovering about my shoulders that makes it difficult to settle down. Can I remember everything I feel obliged to do?

Ignore this if you don’t like the naval gazing chatter. It's really only important to me. And it's really all about how I feel, anyway. Incomprehensible stuff to any but the feelers of this world. But by Friday I'll have finished, utterly, with all children's summer activities, by hosting a pizza party for the middle schoolers who volunteered at the library. I remember two great book/word games we played last year - at least, I remember that there were two great games, but for the life of me I can't remember what they were. And I must make 18 T-shirts with cool looking iron on transfer pictures on them. I like these kids and I like to give parties, but I also know there is a level of tension till the party's come and gone and it doesn't go till Friday at 1.

Then there is an English as a second language task force meeting on Tuesday - this ought to be fun since everyone involved is so cool and interesting - but it's charting new ground for us. It would have been productive to have done more preparation for it, i.e. seeing what other small communities have done when the population began to shift, but there hasn’t been enough time to do so - so this will be more of an initial sort of thing rather than a list making/task assigning activity. In the middle of the week is a library board committee meeting - yikes - I best call up the committee members - it's so easy to forget those things.

OK - lots of organizational stuff this week. Then 2 more weeks of official summer, with fiber friends filling up my days. Just typing that makes me smile. Rewards for doing good jobs. Or rewards even if I do bad jobs, huh? Hmmm. Well, I'll do good enough jobs.

BD & I talked all through July about going north for a vacation the first two weeks of September. Nova Scotia if we could, or if not, Maine. Then, creeping out of our respective pasts came all these little reminder messages about things we'd committed ourselves to do - some of these commitments made months ago!! - and now it looks like there shan't be any vacation at all! BD promised to be somewhere September 9, I promised to lead a discussion group Sept. 13. LD’s GF has a birthday on the 18th and we want to be there for hers. Mine comes on the 21st and not only do I want to celebrate that here at home, but I have a series of library meetings following immediately. The first weekend in October is the fall fiber festival in Montpelier, where I plan to work in Jen's booth. I also want to teach a series of knitting classes in October. That sucks up every weekend for that month. November opens with a bang at the KRRetreat. Then we have 3 weeks to Thanksgiving, but who wants to travel north in November?

It looks like a vacation trip is out for 2004. Sigh.

One of these days I'll get around to posting about knitting. Heck. One of these days I'll get around to knitting. I don't know where this knitters block has come from, but it's really hunkered down in my life. I've got lots of snips and bits and nothings - but there are no completed projects to show for it - and not even any completed concepts in my brain to write about. I pulled out some yarns a friend sent me last Christmas - a bag of challenge project yarns - and once again sat flummoxed as to how to combine 7 different colorways and textures. I pulled open the drawers of color coordinated orphans and decided none of them go together (probably not true - just the mood I'm in). I did spin up a lovely length of the blue faced leicester on my tiny Boswell spindle - I think there will eventually be enough to make a pair of socks out of that. C bought a twin ball of that at Maryland Sheep & Wool. I wonder what she’s making from it. Perhaps I shall write her and ask.

Oh La! It’s 8 o'clock. I have to dash. Well, I didn't have anything much to say anyway. Ta, then. Good knitting to the rest of the world.

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