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Saturday, August 21, 2004  

Yeah! Friday is done gone and I've gone and done with the last gasp of the summer reading program. The sound you now hear is of a middle aged knitting lady skipping madly about with hysterical laughter streaming from her throat.

Yep, Carolyn, I couldn't resist. Had to slip those spinning references into the game. We don't have a buzzer board, and besides, I've never seen one that allowed more than 8 kids to play at a time. So Library Jeopardy is a little different from the TV show. You still have to give the answer as a question - that's one of the ways we level the playing field. If you just give the answer, or if you shout it out - MAAAAA - wrong. I also use the little growly timer from the Scattergories game to lend tension and distraction to the play. The kids are sitting in a ring and we just go to the next person in the circle. That means that a clever kid who knows the answer, but doesn't word it as a question, pretty much gives it to the kid beside him. Often this is a younger or less sharp child. Add to that all the tension of the minutes buzzing away - it's a surprisingly fair game.

You think you can answer the TV questions? Just you put a nasty little buzzer beside you and get 17 12-year olds staring at you with ants in their pants. Ha!

We've got fisherman guests down on the pier and expect spinning, swimming and boating guests later in the morning. Sailboat guests will show up sometime in the next 24 hours. This is what is known as a full house.

And yesterday's weather dot com promise of 20% chance of rain has been upgraded to the more normal (for this year) 80%. How nice that some things never change - until they do.

Hmmm. There just might be a little time to twirl the Bosworth.

posted by Bess | 7:29 AM