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Tuesday, August 31, 2004  

Wow. We got lots of rain yesterday, but my goodness, I don’t think it was anything like what happened in Richmond. At least - I hope not - I haven’t tried to drive out yet.

Storm clouds were scudding my way yesterday morning when I left for Williamsburg - little puffs and wisps of heavy brown vapor. But mostly the sky was bright blue. The forecast was for rain to start around lunchtime and move north all afternoon. I met Carolyn at her hotel (after I’d driven past it and across town to where my memory told me all the bigger places were) and, after some giddy hugs we drove on down to D of G Street, where we could just sit on the benches and talk and spin. We did more talking than spinning but she did try my little Boswell and the BFL. I’m ever amazed at her skill with fiber, she has the most deft hands. BTW, she’s working on a gorgeous red mohair shawl and I can just see it matched with Christmassy dresses or holiday velvet. But mostly we chattered. In spite of the fact that we’ve met up at several events and written back and forth and read each other’s blogs, there’s still a lot of getting-to-know-you to do.

After a while it became obvious that the clock was ticking past lunchtime and since we were just across the street from The Trellis, it was too easy to slip on over and check out the day's menu. It was cloudy and a tad blustery, but no rain had fallen yet. I asked about being seated outside.
The waiters said the patio wasn’t open due to the promised storms. Inside, the food was good, as expected - though a little heavy on the fish - as in: the only thing offered - and which I’ve eaten a lot of recently. The Tomato Soda bread was exquisite and we were too stuffed for desert so we decided to try a little ice-cream later.

Actually getting anywhere for a later was quite an adventure. The heavens had opened while we were eating and man was it storming. My poor umbrella, truly on it’s arms (?), barely sheltered us as we crossed the street to the shop that sells CW reproductions. (I’d give you a link, but their website is so graphically cluttered, and consequently so poky to load, I don’t want to bother finding a map.) That shop covers the whole block and has a door out the back. By the time we’d meandered through it the rain had let up a tad and we could scuttle on back to the parking lot just in time for the wind ‘n water to rev up again. It was like that the rest of the day - heavy rain, a little pause, then another down pour. Alas, my shoes were soaked. Fortunately the water was not cold.

We had ice cream at the outlet mall and pulled out our spinning, to the delight of other storm dodgers. It was hard to say good-bye, we actually sat out chatting in the car like teenagers another 15 minutes, but it’s 2 hours to my house and the weather was promising to worsen so at last I drove off, leaving a bit of my heart behind. There were some bad spots along 30 just east of West Point but I outran most of the storm.

As for photos - I had intended to put one of the hat up - I will, too, once I finish up that roll of film and get it to the developers. I also wanted to write witty satire about the language of fashion and the use of tweed coats over silky cropped pants (this is for you Catherine - take a peek here.)

but there just doesn’t seem to be time and anyway, this blog is waaaaaay too wordy. I will slip in the happy report that my Ram Wools catalog came yesterday and they again have that brick colored Cashmerino. It was frighteningly absent from their summer catalog and though it’s 65 cents more expensive than last year, I am sorely tempted to pop for enough to do an aran sweater in it. Maybe a birthday gift to myself? Hmmmm. Maybe.

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