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Wednesday, August 11, 2004  

Whoa! Nothing like technology - the phone line was out all down our road last night. A call from work to Verizon this morning assured me that the line will be back up by 9 tonight!

Needless to say, I couldn't log on this morning and consequently couldn't post. Probably a good thing. I sure didn't mean to come across so blue yesterday - I really wasn't all that blue - feeling more irrationally irritated than down.

Alas - I haven't much fiber news, though - just little dribs and drabs of knitting and spinning - and since I'm posting this while my weight watchers meal gets nuked in the staff lunchroom it will have to be brief. B had her new niddy noddy at Tuesday Night Knitters along with several packets of sample colors and fibers from Paradise Fibers. We all oooed and ahhhed and stroked. My favorite was the merino/silk blend, at least, to touch. They put that blend up mostly in blues and cool colors with only two warm, but unfortunately quite pale, colorways. That's why I've never bought that particular blend from them. Wish they'd put it up in some sort of bonfire red. I have a hankering for a red sweater.

Thank you all for your dear kind thoughts from this cranky old Virgo.

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