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Saturday, August 28, 2004  

Well, I would have written this in blogger but it’s taking so creepingly, forever long to open up (ahh the joys of dial up) I finally opened up word and will deal with the asci apostrophes later - maybe.

There is this whole weekend lying before me - with no company, no traveling, no thing I absolutely have to do. My house could use an hour or 2 of attention, which it will get, and I really should get some exercise. I have let my body slide this summer - with both food and exercise - and isn't it interesting that bodies are the only thing that slide up, against gravity's natural pull - when one lets go? Up in size, up in weight. Bummer.

I realize I have this cap in my head over which I don't intend to rise - but my goodness - I'm squished right up there against the lid. I got in a great workout yesterday and I hope it is the first of many. But not any at the gym this weekend. Unless we drive up to F'burg so BD can have some Texas Chili, I don't intend to leave the farm.

And all the other chore types of things don't really count as burdens. I actually like a little housework when it is of the "get to know your house again" nature. When my place has been full of company it gets so adjusted I like to take some time to make it a 2 person house again.


Other than that I really have a weekend to play with fiber. My blue hat is almost done. I have about 1/2 the circumference to knit an i-cord binding onto and I have film in the camera so there'll be a photo - mmmm - Tuesday. Monday, I'm taking off and will drive down to Colonial Williamsburg for a play date with Carolyn - who only recently escaped from The Woolery dot com. Man oh Man am I jealous!! Well. Not really. I don't want to buy another thing, ever, as long as I live, for ever'n-ever amen. That is, till I do again.

It's good that she got her fix in North Carolina, though, because we had intended to meet at the Knitting Sisters, till I finally, yesterday, got around to looking at their website. Yeah, I know. Most yarn shops are closed on Monday. They're no exception. But CW is such a cool place to visit, I don't really mind that I can't drop $ I don't have on yarn I don't need. I'll take my drop spindles and we'll impress the tourists. Now... do we want to do The Trellis for lunch, or one of the taverns - or something entirely different?

What's that? BD is awake? He wants to play? Well. One dosn’t turn down such an offer. 'Specially when one hasn't anything else to say, except "Ta".

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