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Monday, August 23, 2004  

True to one of those little dictums about not being given more than one can handle, I have an easy week at work. This is good because I have had a busy weekend and still have a full house. Our quasi surprise sailboat guests from Michigan had been chased by horrible rainy weather all across New England and down the east coast. It's only right that Virginia, Vir GINNNNN Ya . . . Earth's OOOOOOOnly Paradise, should fling out her Sir Raleigh-ish cloak of beauty and offer them a beautiful sunshiny day with low humidity and very low 80 degree weather, crisp green rainwashed leaves, chirppy happy birds, including bold bald eagles, and of course, lots of boat rides. It was too cool for me to go swimming, but our Michiganders only laughed at me and complimented the bathtub temperature of the river.

It's been a packed weekend, though and I have to abandon everyone today for dooty. Pleasant dooty, but ... needs must. Our guests have been invited to use the house as a base, from which to tour this fascinating state. We're 100 miles from the ocean and 100 miles from the nation's capital and between here and there are a number of other interesting places. I even whispered to mama and papa that there are two large amusement parks, probably unknown to their teenaged sons - just in case.

While A was visiting, with her men, I finished plying up the painted cormo. It had dried by yesterday and I finally cut off the disastrous boucle brim of the soft blue merino hat. I've picked up stitches around the bottom using the cormo, but I was just too zonked out sleepy to even complete a whole round. I think a brim in seed stitch will bring out the beauty of this yarn, with it's multitude of colors and bumpy texture.

As soon as I have enough knit to show something, I'll post a picture.

And now it's off to begin another week. I have a lunch date with Lucy the hypnotist, and a group of women friends who have wanted to meet her. Several days of good weather have been promised - and may even be delivered! Thursday are some interesting meetings of the local library director's group - be interesting to see how the new legislation for library directors shakes down in a smaller group. These folk are mostly friends. Next Monday I meet up with Carolyn in Williamsburg (my all time favorite Go-To-Play place). I should say "things are good". In fact, I will.

Things are good!

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