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Wednesday, August 18, 2004  

Still cooking peaches. One batch to go.

I took my little Boswell to the airport with me, along with the blue faced leicester. Good thing, too since we were there 3 hours. My how that thing fills up. I have some cormo on the Golding and it takes twice as long to spin that - it's much more full of neps and noils and constantly clumps up, then thins out, despite my predrafting - it clumps when I predraft it. But it's just a little bit of yarn and it's such a lovely colorway. It's going on the blue disaster hat I made last April; the one with the laughable boucle brim.

Hump day. Yea! I've a heavy duty meeting this afternoon. A day tomorrow to make t-shirts, and a pizza party Friday. Then comes a sweet day with A&Co. Next week looks so empty. No plans, no obligations - well - I best not say more, since my calendar is at work and I may be completely off base. But after that comes September - my birthday month - when I refuse to be upset by anything.

oops - pots a-boiling. gotta run.

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