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The autumnal weather sounds glorious! Will you order some up for the end of the month, too? After reading your statements about stash, maybe we should BOTH stand outside and peer in the window of Knitting Sisters, since I have a ton of fiber I need to spin also.

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Saturday, August 07, 2004  


It's 53 this morning. Delicious, delightful, scrumptuously shivering 53 degrees!

Time to knit a sweater!

Lawsee the air smells so much like harvest! I always forget that heavenly fragrance of ripening corn, plus autumn evening, until the earth rolls back around the sun to August and CaliforniaWeather. If you ever want to feel truly rich, go find a cornfield on a crisp dry evening and just suck it up. Ahhhhh. Not all the panorama of Disney-Technicolor could equal that sensation. I can hear the violins now.

I completed the last dootiful task related to the family reunion and there's nothing left now but to buy 150 plates, cups, knives, forks and napkins - of the plastic variety, thank you, and the lemonade and tea mixes. I'll be reimbursed for that. The laughing secret about this reunion is that I never take any food. I used to - back when I was jockeying for position in the family, proving my worth as a bride. LD&GF told me yesterday they planned to make a chocolate cake. That warmed my heart because it brought back such memories of those happy early years. But that only reinforces my decision to skip the cooking. So many others bring so much that even though I bring nothing, I usually have something to take home. Mind, now, I truly do my share. I keep the mailing list, buy the stamps and send the invitations, as well as arrange for the set up and take down. I just don’t have to heat up my kitchen in summer. Now and then BD bakes a ham, a real Virginia Ham, shaved so thin you can see light through the slices. But that’s up to him. If he doesn’t get around to it I don’t care.

Ha! I just read my entry for last year’s reunion and I see I felt exactly the same about getting ready for it then as I have this year. Perhaps it is nice to see that some things never change, or perhaps I ought not twist myself up into such a knot each year. Or perhaps that too is something that won’t ever change. Anyway - it’s next Saturday. Between then and now are 7 lovely days that promise little, if any, rain. Yes.

R comes today to take away BD’s playmates. I hope he can recover this sudden abandonment. We have a long slow Sunday tomorrow, perhaps my company will prove a little compensation. Perhaps not, though, for I have no desire to be tutored out of my boat bimbo-ness. But one can not be sad when the CaliforniaWeather shows up. I’m sure I’ll find some way to keep him on the cheerful path.

The box from Ohio Valley Fiber Mill arrived yesterday. My Falkland Island Polworth and Correidale rovings fluffed out like clouds, one a Constable white and the other a Beethoven Pastorale gray. They did a superb job on them both - but oh oh oh - my stash overfloweth. I simply must get some of this stuff spun. I must also never ever ever walk into another fiber shop as long as I live!

Carolyn - I will stand on the sidewalk in Williamsburg while you visit the Knitting Sisters.
Well, no, I shan’t do that. I am at least grown up enough to not buy what I don’t need, can’t use and really don’t even want.

Margaret, I will try running this post through a different WP program to see if that eliminates the creepy asci glitches. Let me know if this post displays more clearly.

And I see now that the literary brain has flat-lined, so, with nothing more to say I shall say nothing more.

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