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Wednesday, August 04, 2004  

One of the fun things about living au naturelle is the sensual thrill one gets when the weather clears. And clear it did yesterday - into one of the most glorious of summer days, complete with crystal clear air, lush green landscape and river water that you can see into for 3 feet. The promise is for one good hot day (so nice for swimming) followed by a string of ever cooling ones - making for a delicious weekend.

Best of all, my horoscope guru promises me:

VIRGO (Aug 24 - Sep 23) Another day, another mountain to climb? Another set of adverse circumstances? Another package of heavy responsibilities to carry carefully? Actually... no! ... You are about to put a long-running saga of struggle behind you... and keep it there!

Uncanny. Just yesterday I was assailed by this smothering blanket of exhaustion as I wondered (whiningly) just how much longer I was going to have to live with this sensation of burdens rumbling onto me. I am so tired of dreading the future - a Particularly Painful situation for a P Personality type. Not that there was some specific horridness looming up ahead. It was just a sensation of one more burdensome thing, in a string of burdensome things, heading my way. It’s been such a long time since I had a sense of being carefree. In fact, it’s been since February ‘03. Hmm. About the time I started this blog - back in the days when I felt like I could tackle something interesting, something fun, something challenging - since I knit Goldie, the lost sweater.

More hmmms. The trip to England cost more than I had budgeted for and I’ve been playing money catch-up ever since. And in August Dad got sick and BH began her divorce journey. And in September we had Isabel - I still grieve over the loss of those big trees - and the 5-year Plan - and the crap at the State Library, hmmm. And then there was the IRS audit, and Greg’s death. Well, heck. It’s a wonder I can smile at all!

So. Let us put all our faith in the stars. At least they are promising something nice.

As for learning curves and fiber - I am working with some superwash fiber. I’ve been experimenting with different grists, twists, and combos of this stuff. It’s a merino superwash and it’s as slippery as a basket of eels. My first attempt was way too loose - though it knit up into a swatch that feels nice to the touch and only has a slight "loving hands at home" look to it. My second attempt was deliberately tighter - alas - too tight - it kinks even after being plied and wet set. And the tighter twist makes the unevenness of it pop out to both eye and fingertip. Effort # 3 is on the wheel now - an attempt to make something in between that will ply up into a worsted weight yarn - 5 st. and 7 rows to the inch. Thank goodness I have lots of this stuff, because I also want to get a handle on a sock weight yarn. Jen has such a number of lovely superwash braids - one of them reminding me of polished agates - I can just feel a pair of socks made out of that stuff gliding across my feet.

I’ve posted a query about spinning superwash on the new handspinners digest forum thingee - goodness I just realized I haven’t a clue what these different types of on-line discussion groups are called! What sort of librarian am I?!? - That’s a pretty quiet group but so far I’ve gotten 2 responses. One encourages serious pre-drafting - a trick I plan to apply. Jen also advised pre-drafting a lot. It’ll be interesting to see how much my spinning improves.

(Note the confidence displayed in that statement. The stars must already be havng their effect.)

Oh - and the car I just dropped $$$ on repaid me by dropping a muffler somewhere down around Deltaville yesterday. BD wants so badly to shirk the responsibility for this, but cars are his department. I will be driving the truck till the car no longer sounds like a ‘50’s hot rod.

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