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Thursday, August 12, 2004  

Okay - I am limiting myself to 20 min. on the computer this morning so it’s hard to cram in much of a post. I have both huge rainstorms and lots of guests coming for the weekend and my refrigerator/science project must be emptied today. I’m crossing my fingers that the wonderful Sheryl will get here before it’s too late to mop the floor. I’ve given up on the chance of Caleb making a difference to the grass. It will be wet for the next week. Really wet. And what we’ll do with 10 people in this house in a storm . . .

Hmmm I wonder if anybody will want to learn to knit?

I’m knitting little squares these days - I had a yen to perfect my seaming, especially garter stitch seams and fancy rib seams. I don’t do much flat knitting but I’d like to have more skill with finishing. I also keep meaning to write about learning the Eastern Cross technique a.k.a. combination knitting that Annie Modesitt so strongly advocates. I always have thought it was a more logical way of knitting - just that I’d already learned two other ways and didn’t want to go through the physical retraining needed to get comfortable with it. But I’ve had a tremendous number of little flat squares I needed to make this summer so I thought I’d use this opportunity to practice. I’m getting more and more comfortable with it and of course, it does create a much more even tension. Who knows - maybe one day I’ll be a fast knitter! Though, that’s doubtful. I tend to do everything at the same pump pump pace of my heartbeat - knitting, spinning, housecleaning, walking - pretty much everything except typing.

And once again I can’t find any durn long size 7’s. Where do they go? I suspect they’re party animals and sneak off in the night to guzzle Euclan or synthropol.

okay - I’m 1 minute over my allotted time. Gross refrigerator crud - prepare to die!

posted by Bess | 7:41 AM