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Tuesday, August 03, 2004  

Just to be sure, I threw away the CS bag. The reward? I finished stage one of the project I was having so much trouble with on Sunday.

And guess what? It’s raining. Thank you, Hurricane Alex. Just what we need - more rain.

Yesterday was a very pleasant sort of day with a bit of blue sky thickening to grey north easter clouds in the early afternoon. We took the girls out on the river and BD gave them both lessons on operating an out board motor. Remember, I am a boat bimbo - so he’s cock a whoop about having willing students - heck, he’s pretty much beside himself with just having girls around who want to go swimming at midnight, take walks in the dark, play with the dogs all day and chatter non stop. He always did want a daughter and it was one of the sad facts of our 30 years together that we never could have one.

I’m not sure if he already knew this or if it was serendipitous fun, but when we motored into Hoskins Creek, the tugboat attached to the grain barge was named the Nicki C and just above the bridge was a fishingboat called the Julia B. Coolest of all, as we were motoring up to the bridge a white van drove across it and laid on the horn something fierce. It was LD! in the surveyor’s van. Doncha just love a small town?

Alas, I have to go to work today. I could get so used to this every-day-at-home stuff so fast. I’m not sure if the girls will start out with me and get picked up by BD (in the boat, of course) later, or if they’ll sleep late and he will bring them down in the p.m. We’re on a flexible schedule. They came prepared to cook this week and so far I haven’t had to make a meal yet. They’re quite good too and I have never been proprietary about my kitchen. The rule has always been: If it’s in the kitchen and you want it, you can have it. If I don’t want you to have it, you won’t know about it.

When LD was little, and I was far more assiduous about building a strong body in 12 ways (who remembers that Wonder Bread commercial?) I kept a 100% junk food free house. I can’t stand arguments about food (can’t stand arguments, really) so junk food just wasn’t an option. BD eats what gets put before him and goes without till either food appears or I announce that I’m not cooking tonight. There are spouses who would be driven crazy by this type of guy, but I am not one of them. I just cook lots when I do cook.

While I can be truly bored with cooking, I do like to cook for company. Still, I’m finding it extremely easy to let company cook for me. Also, I remember how much fun it was to be given freedom in the kitchen. My own mother was an indifferent cook who would far rather have been working in the studio than the kitchen. She gave us free rein in hers. It’s an attitude I’ve copied.

One little fiberly update. I’ve been knitting with the superwash yarn I spun. I had been very worried that I’d spun it too softly and that the garment would get a ratty look to it when worn, due to the slipperiness of the fibers. I haven’t tried to torture the piece I’m working on, but I have fondled it pretty thoroughly. It has a nice feel so it’s fun to stroke. But I’m not seeing any telltale wisps yet.

There are always surprises when you play with fiber. Hmm. There’s a little time left to go play right now. Ta, then.

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