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yup! Jealous Jealous Jealous! I want details!

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Ditto!! :-D


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Thursday, August 26, 2004  

In all the busy bustle of saying good-bye there was no time to post yesterday. I have to leave today at 8:15, so, again, only time for a brief post.

To make those of you in the know jealous - I had another session with Lucy yesterday - ooooo. I’ll tell you all about it when we meet face2face. After that it was late enough, and I was hungry enough, when I got home to just have dinner and crash on the sofa. Lucy’s mom lent me a video of an old Mary Tyler Moore show - my goodness, it’s fun to watch those old fashions strut across the screen. They were pretty nice, most of them, though, it’s amazing how just a little touch, like a button or a slight flare to the jacket or pant leg, can date a garment. This was the show about Chuckles the Clown, which I listened to on the radio but didn’t watch. The weird thing was to imagine her playing the role of an ingenue. She looked great, but she didn’t look like a 20, or even much of a 30-something.

Anyway - it was an extremely nostalgic experience. Alas, I can’t watch TV and knit or spin. Just don’t have the right wiring.

I’ll be in a car for 2 hours today so I’ll finish up the brim on the blue hat. I think I’ll edge the brim in a purl i-cord. That word - finish - should send tingles up and down your spine - it means a photo is on the way. Lucky you.

Now I’m off. Ta.

posted by Bess | 7:36 AM