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Bess--Paradise Fibers is essentially my LYS (local fiber store?) and Kate is a good friend of mine. She, like Jen, is a great example of a semi-rural entrepreneur who does well through great customer service. Martina dyes the Rhapsodies. If you are interested in how they look spun and navaho plied, drop me a note and I can take a picture.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004  

I'm feeling decidedly non-literary today. Usually when I'm feeling this way it's because I have strong emotions that I don't want to share.

Yep - a quick peek into the Inner Sanctum of Bess confirms this. Of course I don't want to share them because they are centered around the behavior of others, of which I strongly disapprove - and yet, these others are really none of my business, what they are doing is not wicked or evil or criminal, they are merely choosing to do things I think are stupid. And now and then, a little rude. Rudeness and stupidity really do offend me and when I'm confronted with either, face to face, up close and personal, of course I have every right to make my position clear using the most pithy and acerbic language I can muster. But when I am just standing in the role of observer, I really ought not to care so darn much.

The great masses have always moved in ways that, while not mysterious to me, are slightly grating. My reaction to mass movement tends to be suspicion rather than delight or familiarity. I'm far more inclined to think that if everybody likes something, they're probably being hoaxed. Spin seems to blind 99% of the world. In my role as a library director I have to suspend my natural inclinations a lot, as I put your tax dollars to work creating a repository of culture and ideas. I spend a lot of money on things I consider trash, but others consider treasure. Standing behind the desk I receive even more nuggets of gold/dross as people make their thoughts and wants known. It's a strange place to be, for a gal who doesn't have television in her house. (What would I do without People Magazine?)

I worked the circulation desk most of yesterday and the flow of humanity was running pretty high, even for a Monday. For every energizing soul who came with an idea, 3 lumps felt the need to assert dominance over the lady behind the desk. Fer cryin' out loud - what if I'd been some volunteer? Would they be that rude then? Or is it me? Personal? Am I sending out Ruin-My-Day pheremones? Are there Ruin-My-Day pheremones - hmmm - no, no, those are supposed to attract potential mates, not adversaries.

Anyway, I've managed to fill a lot of space with chatter when I haven't anything to say. Recognizing this need to talk, coupled with my sense of being a PodPerson - a person apart, even from myself, ought not to surprise me. I've been listening to the tapes of Please Understand Me II as I drive to and from work. There is nothing so weird as hearing yourself described to a T. That divided person who has to tell everybody what is going on, what the reason behind it is, and what conclusions one ought to be drawing from it all, is a perfect description of yrs trly, the Apollonian ENFP; interpreting what the gods want, even if it drives you crazy - like the poor priestesses of Delphi. Alas - I just can't help myself.

So...Please understand me, huh?

. . . . .

Ah - but I just took a peek out the window to see golden glints of sunshine streaming through the east woods. That delicious rich grain smell is wafting in from the fields to the west. The air has a nip to it - making September out of August. Shame on me for such a cranky post.

Besides - isn't this supposed to be at least a fiber blog, if not a knitting one?

Okay - I spun a little of the cormo roving I dyed on Saturday. I really like those two colorways I made, though of course, there's not much of either; maybe 2 oz. - perhaps enough for hat brims or mitten cuffs. One is a lovely clear blue - a blue I particularly like to dye - with some lavender and a surprise of green and fire red dotted about. The other is mostly green with some yellow, lavender and blue. These are the first rovings I've dyed that had a single dominant color with accents, rather than more balanced distributions of colors. This is an idea I've long wanted to experiment with, as all my first rovings were more evenly balanced, colorwise. They made very pretty rovings that, unfortunately, spun up and knit up into something more speckled than I wanted. Nice enough, just not what I wanted.

While Navajo plying would keep colors more distinctly separated, I don't care to Navajo ply because it makes a thicker and slightly stiffer yarn than I want to work with. I prefer to knit with us 5-7 needles whenever I can. I'll use a 9 but I won't have much fun. Besides, it still wouldn't give the eventual garment any dominant color - or rather - the dominance would be caused by the actual pigments, not the amount of yarn in any one color. Darker blues and greens would overpower the lighter yellows, greens or pinks. Navajo plying also uses up tremendous amounts of fiber in proportion to the number of yards of yarn one makes. That translates into heavy garments. I like to wear light airy yarns. Remember, I live in the south, even if at its northern limits.

Well - everything is on bobbins or spindles right now, so I can't really tell what I'm gong to end up with. I'm so far down the slope of this learning curve - each step up is still full of surprises. I think I'll spin the green into a spiral yarn, and I think I'll make the blue a 2-ply of itself. But that is for tomorrow - or tomorrow. Whatever I end up with I will photograph and post. Till then, you must join me in the land of Wait-and-See.

Hey - did you know the word "blog" isn't in Blogger's spell check? I mean - are some things just so stupid?!?

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