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Ah, but Bess, Blogger DID let you post yesterday, it only told you it didn't. If'n you scroll down a bit on your blog, you'll see the missing posts right there.

That has happened to me more times than I care to admit. I've become pretty speedy with the delete button when I notice it.

I will say though that I've been getting funky errors from Blogger on a regular basis. And I couldn't even prepare a post for part of the day yesterday - wouldn't let me open the posting window, gave me a 500 error.

I hope that the IPO of Google isn't somehow bollixing things up, or that someday Blogger will be deemed "unprofitable for the stockholders" and spun off or dropped. But then again, I'm just a worrier.

By Blogger fillyjonk, at 10:27 AM  

Man - posts in multiples! Nothing like making a fool of the user, huh? Thankgoodness there's a delete key.

By Blogger Bess, at 11:05 AM  

Hello, Bess Dear! I check in regularly, and when I can't get your blog to behave I just sigh heavily and try again later! As I consider you and I to be long-long-distance SoulSistersWhoKnit, I try not to miss a day, but have been a bit out of it of late, of course. Life has happened with a vengeance.

Then there will be the extra computer time I'll garner when my 19-year-old DS goes back to university on Labour Day...

Hugs from Calgary...

By Blogger Margaret, at 12:09 PM  

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Friday, August 20, 2004  

Huh - so - Blogger just wouldn't let me post yesterday. I kept getting this message saying the server encountered an error and what did I do to cause it. Whell!

Anyway, for the addicted, yesterday's post follows this one. Which got me to wondering just when my blog is going to disappear into the great beyond, gone forever in a massive hard drive implode. I have not kept my own copies of this thing and, for all it's not particularly earth shattering information, it is the longest running diary I've ever kept. Something tells me I ought to print out the archives. Not here, of course, where the antedeluvian machine and rural phone dial-up access would keep me chained to the chair for an entire lunar month. But I could go in to work early one day and use the whizzbang equipment and T-1 access. I really would hate to see all my literary efforts melt into that great cloud of lost pixels.

So - do you perform backups on your blog?

Another little quirk of mine is to peek in on the blogger stats now and then. It's fun to see who's been visiting. Only about half of the referring sites show up on the Stats program, but one of the most interesting is the search engine reference. Say someone is looking for hexagonal picnic tables and posts a query on Google. Guess who shows up! Moi! Yep. Because somewhere in some archive of the queen is a post that talks about hexagonal somethings and picnic tables. Funniest of all is what this search engine links me with! Click here for a true internet stew of an answer to the search for hexagonal picnic tables.

Well, there now. I've always said knitting was my favorite kind of math.

I got the t-shirts done - first time I've ever made a batch without ironing one or more of the transfers on upside down. Yea me! The goodie bags are filled, the Library Jeopardy questions are written out and saved daggumit. Somehow I didn't save them last year and had to reinvent the wheel yesterday. I'll photocopy the Scattergories pages, since there is a chance I'll have 18 guests - I sent out that many invitations. Of course - I may have 6. But one must be prepared.

It is a good thing I like to throw parties.

I've been doing very little fiberwise the past few days. A little spinning on the Bosworth, but nothing else. BD and I are reading Posted Missing by Alan Villiers. He's my favorite sea writer but now that I've begun this volume I remember trying to read it several years ago and bogging down in the pedantic lists of admiralty hearings. That time, though I was using an inter-library loan copy - I bought this one from Alibris dot com and I can take my time with it. If the ends of each chapter get turgid, the beginnings, when he writes about the ships, describing their build, their history and their crew, are pure seafaring Villiers and sea writing doesn't get much better than that. I ordered, at the same time, his book By Way of Cape Horn. I can't begin to tell you why I get such a thrill out of hearing about dangerous storms at the bottom of the world. I certainly have no desire to experience one, but lawsee I love to read about them.

The weekend bids fair to be a busy one. Dear friends are supposed to be coming in today, maybe, seeking a camping spot. More good friends are due tomorrow and brand new friends are expected Sunday. This was not really planned as a pack-it-full weekend, but it has certainly turned into one. Well, that is summertime in the country and it's almost over. One of these days I have to get over to visit my folks. I haven't seen them since June.

But first I have to make it through the Pizza Party - and I'd best get hopping. Think of me at 11:30 - with 18 12-year olds.

posted by Bess | 7:15 AM