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Tuesday, August 24, 2004  

Huh - It seems I’m repeating myself with my blog entries - it is just your good fortune that I do so in microsoftword, so I can delete them before they ever get posted. I’d written a long meander about fashion magazines not having anything of value in them for the 50+ ... at least, I was going in that direction, but I think I’ve already written that numerous times before. Suffice it to say that I find this look cute, but useless for someone who wants to look like the grownup who is in charge. The language, too, is just too jejune for me. Ick. But I’m also just a teeensy bit jealous ... no... nostalgic for ... the day when I could wear that look. Alas, my ankles couldn’t hold up even if I were at that point in my life where all I had to do was look good. But I remember a day when I walked to work up New Hampshire Ave, in Maryland, wearing 4 inch heels.


Fashion is for the young.

HA! No. I can’t accept that. But there is a lot of fashion that is for the young. Like retro, Minnie Mouse shoes. I just have to dig deeper for the nuggets I can use. For sure, it will never be a Hermes anything. Their S&M inspired photo shoot in the September issue of Vogue is just too too creepy for me.

I knit a few inches of the new blue hat brim last night - a pretty textured brim in seed stitch. I’ve been practicing the Combination Purl on little swatches this summer and I’m comfortable enough with it. I don’t believe I’ll ever knit exclusively in one style or another, but for seed stitch, you can’t beat that Combination Technique! woo woo it goes smoothly and fast. Of course, seed stitch is just a complicated garter stitch and I seldom knit garter because I like my rows to move along faster, but seed stitch used to be excruciatingly slow, knit either Continental or American. With Combo it zips along at a steady clip with little of that sensation of "ugh, purl" coming around every other stitch.

We still have guests so the schedule is a little different as we adapt to each other’s activities. Today I believe the guys will be going down to Jamestown but I’m not exactly sure. I still have to go to work, so I can’t be much of a hostess, but a little down time might be just what the non-touring need. They’re headed to D.C. tomorrow and then for the great north where snow lies on the ground all winter! Imagine that!

Another sad loss occurred this week. I bid a sad farewell to Charlie Waller, a golden throat that can still send chills up and down my arms. We went to one of his concerts only a year ago. How glad I am I did, too. I won’t get another chance.

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