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I see you managed to work spinning into a couple of the trivia questions.!

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Friday, August 20, 2004  

Here are the library jeopardy questions for 12 year olds:

1. This man loves green eggs and ham.
2. This little fellow lives with a man who wears a yellow hat.
3. Voldemort wants to kill him.
4. Jack and Annie, a brother and sister team, can travel through time and they write about their adventures in this series of books.
5. These girls couldn’t get their feet into the glass slipper.
6. This boy came home from a magical trip and brought back a musical instrument and a bird and he was never poor again.
7. You live at this school and learn how to cast spells and play quidich.
8. This little fellow managed to carry the ring back to Mt. Doom and toss it in the lake of fire.
9. This baby girl had several godmothers, but one of them wasn’t very nice.
10. This sister and her two brothers live with their mother and father in a tree house.
The father is pretty foolish, but the mother is wise.
11. This little French girl lives in an old house in Paris with 11 other friends. They leave the house at half past nine in two straight lines.
12. This girl had such long hair it fell from the top of the tower to the ground below.
13. This well dressed cat helped his master gain riches and a beautiful wife by tricking an ogre into turning into a mouse.
14. A brave little tailor killed 7 of these with one blow.
15. This boy’s dog is named Ribsy and he goes to school with Beezus.
16. This series of books is in the form of diaries about children who have had adventures throughout the history of the United States.
17. Vigo Mortenson played him in the movie Lord of the Rings.
18. This man could spin straw into gold.
19. All of these tools in the kingdom were burned by order of the king, after the wicked fairy godmother vowed that her niece would dye by pricking her finger on one.

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