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Thursday, August 05, 2004  

Happy happy news came last night. My all time favorite cousins from away are coming for the reunion and they’re spending the whole weekend with us! Suddenly the event has taken on such bright happy colors. Suddenly I don’t even mind doing the one dreadful thing I had left to do to get ready. Suddenly I can’t wait to call BH and give her the grand news! Suddenly suddenly suddenly .... it feels like happiness.

We are growing enormously fat this week - I fear I’ll have to attack with WW tools and much vigor starting Sunday. The scenario combines 2 girls, both just 14, with some simplified Martha Stewart recipes, carte blanche in a fairly well stocked kitchen and a doting 61 year old man with a car (now fixed) and checkbook who will gladly make the 26 mile round trip to town to purchase anything their putty diddel ol’ hearts desire.

As I recall, back in the Mesozoic era, when I was 14 and learning to cook, pretty much everything I made started with 1 cup of butter and I’m finding that things haven’t changed much in the intervening eras. Young teens with metabolisms that race like formula 1 cars do not think in terms of Points Values and high fiber.

With company in the house I haven’t liked to stay late at the gym this week, but I am going to have to hit the place at lunchtime today. Things have really gotten out of ... waistband?

I’ve been perusing my back issues of knitting magazines. I have a nice collection of about 40 or so. I thought if I could flip over some pages I would get inspired or at least informed. In the African issue of Knitters (‘98?) I found the Lily Chin sweater that she showed us back in June. (gad was it only June when A and I took those classes? it feels like a year ago) Of course she showed us many sweaters, but one I remembered having seen in one of my magazines, and that was the one that has stayed the longest in my mind. It’s as if there are certain design concepts that, once understood, become yours in a way you don’t ever have to "read" or "follow" again. The Elizabeth’s percentage sweater is another such construction technique that has become "mine" as well. These processes that you just "know" - that you internalize at some cellular level - become organically yours, like your handwriting is yours. You just know you can write whatever you need to write because the skill of writing is yours.

This is a modular technique and is wonderful for showcasing different stitches or yarns. I have 3 drawers full of coordinating, but not matching, yarns in a warm melony gold, a rich selection of greens and some delicious rusts. I could have 3 sweaters if I got off my duff. Maybe I shall.

Yikes! After 8! My schedule is so shot up I wonder if I’ll ever be normal again. (Why of course getting up at 5 is normal? What did you think I ment?)

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