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Thoughts on The Princess Bride and Bend it Like Beckham? We had the music from TPB playing in the lobby before the wedding. The book is really much better, but the movie's quite cute, too, I think.

By Blogger Amie, at 11:19 AM  

Bess, Dear,

I've read all your posts lately and am distracted by the "?" where the "'" should be (typical Virgo that I am). Is your keyboard giving you fits?

By Blogger Margaret, at 8:47 PM  

Nah - in fact, it's not happening on my browser - it has to do with that - and with blogger. It's also got to do with writing my blog entry in Word (where I can do a proper spell check quickly) and copying it to blogger. When that happens, on some browsers and some computers, the asci symbols get screwed up.

I'm sorry that's what you see. When I can catch it I do - but I won't give up a decent spell check and bloggers is just entirely too slow on my dial up account.

By Blogger Bess, at 9:07 PM  

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Friday, August 06, 2004  

Dinner at Chez Femme was an event last night. BD called me at work about 11 and asked me to leave the car at the library, because he was bringing the girls to town to do some shopping - via boat. The water journey to town takes just over an hour, followed by a 15 minute walk from the dock to the library. The sky had been low and threatening all morning but by noon it had let loose with both barrels - both rain barrels. The crew came tumbling in a few minutes later, damp but undaunted, and looking so much like a general with his aides de camp. I don’t know when he’s had so much fun.

At the end of the day I walked into the house to be met with waving arms and squeals of "don’t look in the kitchen!!"; a command I was pleased enough to obey. I could smell chocolate. So my after work duties were to read the newspaper and knit a bit on a lace swatch. I could get so used to this. At least, I could get so used to the lack of responsibility. I don’t think I can go on eating quite so much butter&sugar but I am forgetting that without the food production responsibilities, I would have that much more time to go to the gym....

In payment, I brought back Bend it like Beckham and fulfilled my promise to finish watching Princess Bride. We watched movies till past midnight. Shame how the body responds to routine, though, waking up at 5 anyway. I could have used an extra hour of sleep.

Tonight LD&GF will join us for steamed crabs and tomorrow the evil parents come to steal BD’s girls away. If we didn’t have cousins coming next weekend I think his heart would break - it may anyway - but he really mustn’t go on eating like this, any more than I.

Yesterday’s rains have given way to a Va. phenomenon I call CaliforniaWeather. It’s an August shift in the winds that brings dry and cool weather to the otherwise dank slime of a Tidewater Va. summer. I dubbed it so back in the ‘80’s when, each year BD’s brother would fly in from Sacramento, the humidity would plummet and the air would clear up like an autumn Saturday afternoon. Everyone would cheer up at the advent of weather perfection except my SIL, who complained that the damp east coast made her hair frizz. The BIL moved back east some years ago, but we still appreciate the CaliforniaWeather. It’s supposed to be breezy and 78 today.

Hmmm 5 paragraphs of weather and food does not a knitting blog make. Oh. Yes. There is a sentence about knitting up there somewhere. Well - that is all I have to say about it anyway. No photos. No progress to brag on. Truly this is a shameful state. Maybe I ought to just go do something fiberly instead of nattering on about doing nothing at all. Besides, a lap full of wool doesn’t seem so daunting on a CaliforniaWeather Day.


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