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Drivel? I didn't see any drivel. I only ever see fascinating stuff here. Glad to hear you have some helium time ahead.

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Just found a new site:

I'm going to look into it a bit further, but it looks helpful to me - especially not being able to attend WW!

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Friday, July 23, 2004  

Warning - long drivel about me and not about fiber.

Whoopee! Friday! Yes!

I’m feeling particularly light about this past week, as if a log jam has finally broken away and things are beginning to flow again. We’re in a new fiscal year with both budgets (yes, inefficient, but it works, this very southern, not to say Viennese, way to do things. Think of the creaking Austrian empire in, say, 1913. ) adopted. I made it through the gingerbread house workshop without destroying the carpets. The cataloging computer is back from the repair shop. That’s a biggee!

I make no claims to housekeeping. I’m untidy and lazy and an inveterate procrastinator. I can let the laundry lie in the baskets for weeks - well, maybe two weeks - just so long as the baskets are in my bedroom - or some other private place. My quirk is that I can not bear to be in a public space that is cluttered. Even at the worst stage of crowdedness in the old library building, the public areas were tidy. When our shelves got so packed that, even after inventory we couldn’t put books back on them, I put the books in storage rather than lay them flat in the tiny space between the tops of books and the bottom of the next shelf. I can not abide functioning in a space that combines clutter with another person. (BD excepted, since he’s also a permanent resident of the bedroom, and besides, I don’t leave the laundry piled up that long. I need the baskets to do laundry when Saturday rolls around again.)

But without the cataloging computer, we were getting such a backlog of items in the workroom. Unfortunately, though most of my staff are charming, creative and friendly, they are also horrible pack rats - blind horrible pack rats, capable of burrowing through the most tottering heap of scrap paper, empty boxes (just in case), catalogs and craft ideas. With the exception of T, who is also young, new and part-time, they blissfully stack, pile and squirrel away every thing that crosses their palms. It’s as if they’ve never seen trash cans! Believe me, I know. They’ve all entertained me at one time or another. Compared to them I am sleek Danish modern!

With the return of technology to the workroom, there is the chance we may dissolve some of the visual torment that greets me each morning. With our summer kiddie programs drawing to a close (July 30!) we can actually turn our attention to behind-the-scenes activities and maybe, just maybe, create a smoothly functioning private space to match our lovely public image.

So - that promise certainly engenders the beautiful lightness of being. And I got out out those dratted invitations to the family reunion. Hmmm - no wonder I’m feeling so great. I’ve even managed to keep up my healthy workout regime and drag my eating habits back onto the WW path. It’s no joke. Maintenance is harder than losing. I found it hard to believe when the successful ones said so last summer, but by golly - I have battled harder with the 6 lbs that flit in and out of my life than I ever did with the initial 30 lbs.

One of the insights that blinked across my consciousness was that the difference between eating to lose 30 lbs or to be 30 lbs heavier was not all that great. It’s 230 calories a day. Now, I like my coffee sweet with cream. A second cup a day is about 100 calories. 3 Oreo cookies is another 100. A bite of cheese is another 100. Do you have any idea how quickly I could scarf down the whole package of Oreos? I could be back where I started in one year. Sheesh!

Phase III of my weight transformation process has been all about finding the core beliefs, to which I can subscribe, so that I don’t bounce back into a physical state I don’t want to live with - or, considering I’m in the second half-century of my life, to die from. Do I believe that "it’s only 3 Oreos" or do I believe "My god, That’s THREE Oreos!!!!!" Hmmm. To shift the mind around to seeing those 100 treat calories, not as an insignificant throw-away subconscious binge, but rather, as something rare and magnificent, like, oh, say, a Faberge egg. If I’m not spending my treat calories on something as fabulous as the tsar’s gift, I really ought not to waste them on a lesser gift.

So - anyway - getting the bod back on the healthy pathway has also contributed to my sprightly attitude. Add to that, there is slow, but steady progress on the purple lace and enough movement on the other ProjectWithADeadline to preclude guilt and angst over that.
And it’s Friday - as I stated above. BD is off to play with one of his friends for the next two days, so I don’t have to cook dinner and can go to the gym after work. This is enough to make one feel helium filled!

If you look up today, and see a floating woman overhead, well, it’s probably just me, shucking off the workweek dust and soaring into the weekend.

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