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Overmind does it again - I didn't blog about it, but I was thinking today about how disgusting Angelina Jolie's lips are to me (not that I find her all that attractive anyway). She gets raved about for those lips, and they just look like plastic surgery gone wrong to me, no... as though she's recovering from a fight. Ick.

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Saturday, July 24, 2004  

Still fiberless alas. Just doing other things with my fingers.

Today I am off to the city with BH. It’s her birthday and we have appointments at the expensive make-up counter and the bead shop, with a special lunch in between. We always plan to do this on my birthday too - or at least, around my b’day, but somehow that one gets lost. Last year there was Isabel, this coming year we may be on vacation - and even if not, the state library always holds this series of library directors meetings the 3rd week of September and when your birthday is on the 21st, it gets caught in the trap. They want is in Richmond for 3 days this year, claim it is mandatory! In my case they’re bound to be disappointed.

I watched Bend it Like Beckham last night and it was as sweet as I’d been assured it would be. I even think BD will like it. Ball games don't really do it for me, but I have no trouble with using them as a plot vehicle.  My only gripe is the silicone padded mouth of the boyfriend/coach. I am so sick of Hollywood mouths that look as if they’ve just survived several rounds in the ring. It is not attractive when it is ubiquitous. Some faces, possibly only the ones created by full-lip DNA, can convince me they lie upon heads with adult brains inside, but the rest look like freaky baby claymation mouths slapped onto brainless dolls. I've read that the full lip look is supposed to trigger parental responses in our human breasts so that we will take care of our young -hence the proportionally larger mouths on infants. It is also supposed to look erotic - to give the impression of a mouth that is kissed a lot. But I am not stimulated by the hidden kiddy-porn manipulation of the mavens of beauty. I really dislike that look. It’s yucky on a woman. It’s really gross on a guy. Every time I see an actor who has had his mouth plumped I spend the rest of the movie thinking about what I would have done with that spare $3,000.

All fashion trends fade in time, but god I wish this one would hurry up and disappear. And take capri pants with it. Oh la! I’ve just gotten this image of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers wearing capri pants!

Better go get dressed.

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