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Monday, July 19, 2004  

Spent the day at the "movies" - the ones on the VCR. LD came over, as GF was working in F’burg yesterday, and we all watched Master & Commander, then later in the evening I watched LOTR III, mostly by myself, so I could fast forward through the battle scenes. A little of that goes such a long way. In between shows we took a long walk over to LD’s house, watching the storm clouds disperse, actually feeling the humidity drop.

I plied up the fine BFL singles on the Golding, which works quite well. I was able to get 98 yards from the two spindles done on the Bosworth. It’s a tad bit over plied. Well, I’m learning. I ought to get at least another 150 from the fiber I bought. I forget how much that was, but I think I’ve spun half so I can always weigh what I have left. If so, this might become a pair of socks - though I am really thinking and seeing lace these days.

I also worked with the SMF Maple Tree in Autumn merino. I’m spinning much finer these days and what’s on the bobbins, nigh on to 1 year old, is both thicker and lumpier. I’m not sure how I’ll deal with that. It’s interesting to try to spin thicker yarns - it’s not interesting to spin lumpy yarns. At least, not when that’s not what you want.

Alas, KnitDad couldn’t find a molecular transporter so he couldn’t join me in person, but he was with me in spirit yesterday.

Woops! Look at the clock! Gotta dash. Ta!

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