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Tuesday, July 13, 2004  

Rediscover the Drop Spindle

I'm still moving a little slow - some of it due to stressed out hands, some due to not working out regularly - ha! rather let's say "not at all!" The hands really seem to suffer when the weather changes and it's been changing at least twice a day this summer. So - the long report about Creative Strands may have to come later this week. But, mixed in with all the fun and excitement of the weekend, I rediscovered an old love - the drop spindle!

I'd taken my Golding with me and during the long slack periods (see Jen's report) I spun and knit little swatches of some of the Spirit Trail fibers that didn't have any. The Isaacson's (of Handspun by Stefania), in the booth just across from us, were selling Bosworth spindles. I bought a mini and began spinning lace weight with it.

What fun! I couldn't stop! I still can't. I've been playing with it ever since I got home. I love making fine yarns, and I've never been pleased with my lace weight spinning on HeyBaby. I suspect wheel spinning is too fast for my skill level. Spindle spinning is slower and one can spend more time thinking, sensing, watching, learning the fine, delicate draft needed for lace weight.

At the show I had opportunity to play with the beautiful Spirit Trail fibers and of them all, my favorite was a purple and white blend of 70% Blue du Maine, 30% Merino. Naughty Jen doesn't have a photo of that one on her website yet. I'll have to chivvy her a bit. But it's one of her UK fibers, the last one listed on this page.

Spent yesterday cleaning out the baskets lined up on my blue stash wardrobe - including the one mama's dog got into last month. I untangled all the messes, threw out all the really uninformative swatches and snips and bits, and organized the rest, ending up with one empty basket, one current projects basket and 5 storage baskets. And I only have one bag of junk that I'll think about tomorrow - at Tara.

When my good works were done - I got my Bosworth and spun some painted Blue Faced Leiscter I picked up at MS&W. Photo tomorrow - today if there's time.

And now I must return to earth - back to work for me, with a whistle and a song.

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