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Friday, July 02, 2004  

I'm much better today - though still not 100%. Just made an idiotic post on KRForums and can't figure out how to delete it.

Anyway - I'm rushed off my feet - it's haircut day again for me. The $64,000 ? Can Bess get another perfect haircut? What about a just pretty good one? Tune in next time for the exciting results.

Today's exciting news is that the CVM spins into the most fabulous sport weight yarn, knitting up at 6 stitches to the inch on size 3's. Best of all. It can be spun using my version of a modified long draw, a zippy technique that fills bobbins fast. This may just be what I work on when I'm with Jen at Creative Strands next weekend. When there's time. When we aren't selling pounds and pounds of fibers and yarns.

This 4th of J we will host the GF's parents. This should be interesting. They sounded excited and happy to come so I look forward to a grand day - with Saturday in between to clean the house for them.

How is it that my house goes from delightful to demolished so quickly?

Ta now - haircut in 1 hour.

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