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I'm registered for Handspinners, but haven't visited yet... I agree about Yahoo... I'm part of 1, but NEVER visit... just chaotic over there. Glad you had a lovely day - been missing you and thinking of you!

By Blogger Amie, at 10:59 AM  

I've never been shut out of a Yahoo group, but the ones I got into weren't worth staying in - too much clutter, little value. You ain't missing much. But yes, I think if it doesn't let you in it's an error on the part of the person who set it up.

By Blogger Catherine, at 6:47 PM  

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Friday, July 16, 2004  

If I was going to take a surprise day off, yesterday was surely the one to do so. Glorious, perfect, low-humidity crispness glittering golden through emerald trees. That was yesterday. My oldest sister’s daughter, the only girl grandchild to follow an entire generation of girls, was visiting on the east coast. She called Wed. saying she was closer to us than to the grandparents and could she spend the night. We’d have been thrilled to say yes anyway, but this actually worked perfectly with my own schedule. I had a dr. apt. in Richmond on Thursday that I’d already postponed twice. I’d been afraid I’d miss her visit.

She and her companion arrived about an hour later, at LD’s place - since that’s where we were, and we had a grand walk down to Farmer’s Hall Creek, where the bull frogs jump from bank to bank. It had stormed mightily, earlier in the evening, so everything had that damp clean smell of summerwashed air. LD had taken Thursday day off, and after a very leisurely breakfast the younglings went out on the river while I got in some quality time with HeyBaby. She’s working on a special project that has something of a deadline attached. I don’t want to get into anything else big, till that spinning is done, but I do have a delicious handpainted Blue Faced Leicester going on the new Bosworth mini spindle.

That is more addictive than I’d ever have thought - and it’s a fiber craft I can do in the car! So when BD heard I was going to Richmond and offered to drive, you can bet I took him up on it. I’ve decided that I’ll spin the fine singles on the Bosworth and ply them on the Golding. When I plied 2 singles on the B, it got awfully heavy and difficult to handle. Using the Golding also allows me to put more on the B. I only got 49 yards of 2-ply on the B.

I really enjoy spinning in public. Knitting always draws some polite questions, but spinning truly fascinates people, and I’m enough of a show off to enjoy the attention. The nurses at the dr.’s office were really intrigued. It’s so much fun to blithely educate the curious. I love how my spinning wends into people’s psyche, too. Perfect strangers will comment on the relaxing effect watching a drop spindle has on them. Of course, I love the process myself. And then, I also love the product! I filled the spindle yesterday and will wind it on the ball-winder so I can begin another today.

Got in another pattern repeat on the front shoulder section of the purple lace. Only 15 rows to go and I can begin the sleeves. Lawsee I am dragging this out! But of course, there are only so many days a person can knit mohair in July.

All in all, it was a very good fiber day. We finished it off with seafood at a favorite Richmond restaurant and a back-roads drive home with windows rolled down, driving slowly enough for conversation and observation.

So - has anybody joined/read the new e-zine Handspinners - the art of fiber? I had hoped to peek in on the virtual launch in their forums, but alas - that was a madhouse work day for me. Still - at least it’s not a stupid Yahoo group. For some reason I can’t get onto a single yahoo group - too many yahoos running the place, I guess. Every time I log onto a yahoo group I’m told to register. When I register and try to log on, I’m told to register. Is this a continuous loop I’m experiencing? Anybody else shut out of the yahoo inner circle?

Probably a good thing. I spend enough time on-line as it is. Probably ought to go spin right now. Yep. That’s just what I’ll do. Ta.

posted by Bess | 6:09 AM