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Tuesday, July 06, 2004  

The holiday continued with more sunshine, more guests, more blue skies, more play, more food. Except for the food, I could do with an entire summer of days like yesterday: leisurely waking, a little spinning at the wheel, coffee with BD, a little out-loud reading, family showing up for some play, swimming in 360 degrees of chamber of commerce scenery. A luscious storm blew by to the north and brought us only the cool breezes - I was glad enough to miss the rain, but I see by the front walk that more fell in the night.

So. It is ended. Work summons and I obey. It's easy anyway, for there are only 2 days of it this week, and one of those is Wednesday.

It suddenly occurred to me that I haven't posted anything remotely graphical in ... well, let's go look.

Good Gracious - not since May. Hmmm. Well, I always did talk too much. Be glad you never had to teach me in school.

Unfortunately, I haven't really anything much to show for the month of June, either. A pile of swatches, some purple lace I've ripped about 5 times, the flat blue face of the wardrobe where I keep my stash. I fear productivity this summer will be limited. Still, I shall see if I can find something colorful to share over the next few weeks.

Shucks - even wordpower is succumbing to the languor of summer. I'll try again tomorrow.

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