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Thursday, July 29, 2004  

Hey! Only 10 more days of rain forecast! Aren’t we lucky?

My house has that gray film everywhere. I wipe. I dust. It grows. Well, I don’t really wipe. I do it all on Saturday. Or - rather - I will do it all on Saturday. Maybe.

Yesterday was a tough sit through a custody hearing. It was an ugly thing. To be expected, I guess. It was an ugly marriage. There is a little more equity in the custody arrangement and with that I believe BH will have to be satisfied, not just now, but, I suspect, on a permanent basis.

Some choices we make have decades long effects. Well - she has had to struggle to be understood all her life. This seems sad and even mystifying to me, but at least she is used to it. Odd that she has almost never been difficult for me to understand - even admire. Eh. Well. Such is life.

We’re really winding down the kiddie stuff at work. The grand finale is on Friday and everyone is longing for it to come and go. We’ll still be busy enough with regular summer traffic but the drop in extra visits and programs will be welcome. Of course, we won’t really feel less busy because my staff, who’ve been saving up vacation time till August, are going to vanish. Less work but fewer people to do it won’t leave us feeling much less harried. Thank goodness all the board stuff is done till October.

This week’s emotional roller coaster has left me pretty lethargic. Obviously there’s no fiber stuff going on. Besides, who wants to touch any sort of fiber when her skin feels like it’s wet? Ick. I did make a quick dash (slipped on over) to Mechanicsville yesterday. I wanted to check out the nearest Ben Franklin - for I’d heard they were carrying Trendsetter yarns. This is a sudden shocking move on their part - but oh so welcome. The only thing they’ve had for years was a little Patons classic wool, which I am glad to see they still carry. But they have Cascade, Trendsetter, Berocco and more variety of Patons, along with Caron (much less of that) and Lion Brand. It’s good to see the diversity - though, baring the Cascade and Classic Wool, there isn’t much in the way of plain old good wool yarn. But really, one doesn’t need more than that at a Ben Franklin. If I want a higher end I can go on into Richmond or order on-line. Besides that! fer goodness sake! I don’t need another inch of yarn at all.

The prompt that got me on the road, besides not wanting to go straight back to work after the hearing, was the possibility I could find some Trendsetter Dune there. Alas. They had Fizz, which I almost bought, and like very much, but I don’t really need that. I could use one more ball of either of two different colorways of Dune to make sure I could finish two projects. (Hah! Should I ever get around to starting one.) It’s entirely possible one ball of either would be enough. I'm just not quite sure and would like to have that extra ball as backup.

Anyway, it is good to see more choice at a closer store. Hmmm. Just writing this is making the creaky old creativity wheels move a little. Maybe .....

Think dry. Think sun. Have pity on the gal who has to haul all her laundry to town to use the dryers there. 

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