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Tuesday, July 27, 2004  

Greetings from the land of mold and mildew. Long range forecast promises lots more of the same, so you need not feel like you’d miss out on any of this, should your visit not bring you to VA anytime in the next 2 weeks.

Yes. 10 more glorious wonderful days of muggy rainy steamy weather.

How stupid to complain about weather, though. Best just endure it.

But though I shall, I’ll certainly give it the blame for my lack of knitting energy. It’s a lack that has pricked a little, but not enough to get me off my duff and into the den, where all the toys are stored. I have an idea to get me over my slump, though. I’m thinking of casting on that modular sweater idea I developed in the Lily Chin workshop - it’s done in pieces so I can pretend each section is a unique object and I’ll have an FO each time I complete one. Maybe that will trick the brain into Progress Mode - and even if it doesn’t, it ought to suck up enough of August to get us through this awful muggy spell. Old Farmer’s Almanac promises us hotter than normal weather in August - normally a dread prediction - but dry. I bet we won’t even notice.

"And pray, dear weather gods, don’t send us another Isabel this year. Hurricanes are bad enough - or at least interesting, but keep them east of us, please."

And what else can I say. Truth is, all brain activity is on hold while I wait out the middle of the week. With the custody hearing coming up on Wed, it’s as if the less "present" I am, the easier it will be to endure bad news. A sort of withdrawal - probably some primeval impulse - an animal protective behavior like playing ‘possum. If I let myself care - I’ll hurt too bad. And if I feel that way, just imagine how BH feels. She’s the one who pays the price - she and the girls - I only watch.

Lawsee - why can’t people be nice? Why must jugular activity thread its way through our lives. In little ways like this family dissolving - in big ways like international strife. Bah! And to think I’ve got 400 more lines of the long drawn out battle between the Teucrians and the Latins. Has mankind learned a durn thing in 2000 years?

Hmm - best get outta here. Ta.

posted by Bess | 7:42 AM