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Monday, July 05, 2004  

Did you expect some scattered afternoon showers yesterday? Did you get them? If not, it is because they were over at my house. Sometime after 1, Priss popped the screen door open, ran up to me and tucked her head under my knee - then dashed upstairs to hide at the top of the stairs - her spot of choice when thunder rumbles. And rumble it did - along with pour, flash and blow. It rained for hours. Sometime between one huge storm and the next, BD went down and pumped 100 gallons of water out of the boat. About 6, LD came over to borrow the pump, because his own boat, on its trailer, was so full, he was afraid the weight would bend the spine.

We Got Rain!

I had spent the day spinning on the back porch but it grew so wet there I moved indoors. By then my superwash merino was plied and hanging in the shower downstairs. Alas, it’s too soft. Too softly spun, that is. I may use it - I may not. I’m a fairly loose spinner who spins more woolen style these days anyway, but superwash is so slippery I believe it’s going to need a pretty tight twist or it shan’t wear well. It ought not to pill, since it can’t felt, but it may get an ugly low-rent looking fuzz to it. I don’t know this, but my fiber knowledge tells me so.

A solution would be to put it back on the bobbin and re-ply the heck out of it so I can cable it. I’ll have a lot less yarn, but I think it’ll be more useful. Soft is nice, limp is not. I’ll decide after it’s dry.

But emptying that bobbin let me sit down with the CVM and have at it. Oh oh I love spinning this fiber. It just may be my favorite. It’s very fine. I don’t know the micron count but the fineness of the fiber makes for an incredibly silky touch. Like kid mohair, only with crimp. I have half a bobbin full of a sproingy lovely single. There will be some time today to finish the bobbin and I’ll work on the second one this week. I’ll be taking HeyBaby with me to Creative Strands because I have Md. Sheep & Wool stuff on my castle wheel. I want to only spin Jen’s stuff at CS.

What started out as a sedate dinner for 6, last night, spread out into a lively gathering of 10. Funny, I kept buying more food, even though I expected only to have LD&GF plus her parents. It was a good thing, too, since in the end, her brothers and two of her friends showed up, outnumbering the old fogy contingent 6 to 4. It was a remarkably congenial group and, since these are old, old friends, not only was the evening delightful, but nobody minded the dampness. They’re from the deep south and it’s not uncomfortable for them till it’s 98 degrees with 98 % humidity.

At 8:30 BD took the under-50 crowd out in the boat to see the fireworks in town, viewing them from the river to avoid the traffic jam, and here’s an odd thing. GF came back and said there were no fireworks and BD came back and said there were fireworks all over - in Montross, Naylor’s Beach, Wheatland, Gwynfield and Tappahannock. So - who’s telling the truth? I can believe that we each view life in our own unique way, but no fireworks vs. a ring of them?

BH is coming up this afternoon, bringing her little girls. The sky is clear, but weather dot com promises hot hot hot to go along with the sunshine. I believe we’ll do a good bit of swimming. A fitting way to end the 4th of July holiday.

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