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How funny! I only managed Biology myself, one semester. All the others I tried were just too dry. I'm glad I didn't have to take any math classes in college. I'd never have made it.

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004  

Dawn prowling again, a combination of excitement about the coming few days and anxiety about a double booking we did at the library that is now dependent upon weather for successful dovetailing. Crumbs.

And of course, I haven't much to say, nor have I anything to display. I finished up the audio tapes on epic poetry - I'm also just at the point in the Aenead where Juno has whipped up the war between the Trojans and the locals. So, I selected the lectures on astronomy as my next listen. I picked them to push my brain out of it's history/literature rut. I have such a lot of background in those areas it's easy to pull needed references out of the databank when the lecturer makes a statement, supposition or asserts an opinion. With science, alas, I am woefully underinformed. I managed to wiggle through the math/science maze in school without ever taking anything but a single, oft repeated, freshman biology course. Biology, especially human biology, had enough of a practical application in my role as Mom, the Authority of All Things Healthy, to keep me interested. None of the other sciences ever pulled me very hard. I'm hoping I can stretch the brain a bit with this series. I'm a bit worried, though. In the first tape, the scientist casually spits out Copernican laws as if I remember them and I am afraid I'll buzz off instead of listening. Well - I shall give them a fair trial - and maybe learn something I didn't know. I have some good hours of drive time coming up over the next few days. If they don't take, I'll check out something more within my comfort zone. Hey - I'm not in school any more, right?

Did a little spinning last night. Almost finished with the bobbin of CVM. No. I didn't finish it on Monday. We ended up having company till 8. It was strange, all weekend we were well guested - not at all what I would have chosen ahead of time. But every time I'd look at the lovely people around me I'd be awash with the realization that this was what I really wanted.

And today, along with it being a virtual Friday for me, I having lunch with T-theComputerWizzard, who is also an old and beloved friend. He started out as my son's friend, or rather, as the child of my friend who happened to be my son's age. Eventually we grew the closer, since we had the most in common. He lives on the west coast now and we haven't seen each other in years. Some days just hold so much promise.

And with this I see I have nothing more to say but adieu. Or finis. Or both.

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