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Thursday, July 22, 2004  

And so - the calendar has clicked around another quarter of the year. With the passing of the July board meeting, when we adopt the budget, btw, I always feel that summer is almost over. When we finish with the family reunion, this year on the 14th, well into August, I’ll really feel the weight of summer start sliding off my shoulders. Come Labor Day I hope we’re off on vacation - though that is still in just the talking stage.

Board meeting days are always energizing. Sometimes the pulse lasts for several days. Surely that’s what got me in the gym yesterday evening, for the first really good workout I’ve had all month. I swear I know that regular vigorous exercise keeps me high, but by golly it’s easy to let it slide. The most contrary behavior problem I know of - why anybody would skip doing something that made him feel marvelous.

Of course I didn’t do a lick, stitch or twirl of fiber stuff yesterday but I did see an absolutely darling movie. It’s a Christmas special sort of thing, British style - Love Actually with just about all your favorite British leading men. Mmm mmm. Everybody gives a good performance, though the porn stars could have been left out - that was really too British - even too European for me. I’ll never get cavalier about gratuitous porn.

But the scenes with Colin Firth had me laughing till tears spilled and I always like to listen to Alan Rickman, who makes a very good fallen and straying husband to Emma Thompson’s frumpy housewife. With Hugh Grant as Prime Minister squaring off against Billy Bob Thornton as the President - well - you get the picture. It’s maybe 8 couples trying to get it right. Even BD, who’s ultra-sensitive to PC stuff, had to have a good time with this one. Yeah it’s light fluff - sort of like that cool whip and fruit glop you get in restaurant salad bars - but oh such fun fluff.

Honestly, if you need a lift - this is a great candidate - and I wonder why it never hit our theater. I suppose it was the "porn" stuff. But really- that was so boring it couldn’t have been rated beyond R. I’d call this a More than a Chick Flick.

The corn is still sweet - the weather is supposed to get hot then plummet to the 70’s this weekend - I got the family reunion letters out (thank god) - the cataloging computer is back and fixed and it’s Thursday - my favorite day of the week. Guess I can’t ask for more than that.

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