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Saturday, June 26, 2004  

Whew. Touched some cords with yesterday's post, I see. Well, we women tend to be brought up to be nice. Nice is good, but nice is not always the right way to be. Old habits are hard to forget. I even had to teach myself to throw up. And no, I don't think I'm particularly anal, either. Had my stomach pumped when I was a tot - you don't forget something like that. Alas, I was one of those kids who was pretty regularly in emergency rooms. My poor parents; thank goodness they had me in the 50's before the era when all bruises get attributed to child abuse.

Today is a happy day, albeit a bit damp. The sun is out now, so things ought to dry up soon. And, fiber friends are visiting. Hooray for pretty weather and summertime play. This will be a return visit for the gals and first time visits for their families. We haven't had little ones here for a fairly good while - all my young cousins have become teenagers, with the exception of my god daughters and they already know where the cool stuff is and have their favorite play mapped out when they get here.

I usually experiment with food when I have guests. I believe I've read in several entertaining books that this is a strict No-No. No matter. I also always have some standbys, which, in summertime, means corn and cook-out foods. I'll report which are successes and which are not.

And with that I'd best be off, if I want to whip this place into shape.

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