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Bess, Luv, you make me grin. I now have great mind pictures of you and the Little Reader wandering the 'isles' -- of Skye, or Fair, or Islay, or Shetland...scouting for great 'yarns'! Hugs!!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004  

Whew! Yesterday was absolutely mad. First day of Summer Reading Club combined with major crash in the computer network - what a screwup of a day. Thank goodness I was still riding the crest of the ThankGodTheUsedBookSaleIsOver wave. The whole town was actually up there with me, blissful that the festival was both a success and over. Nobody got putout by the lengthy waits while we used digital computers to take down card numbers and bar-codes. Several dozen kids signed up for the SRC. Especially fun were the wide eyed 3 year olds who are in here for the first time, usually with grandparents, and two boys who came an hour before closing time. Coltrane Conklin. Is that a name, or what?! Gotta be the cutest thing on 2 legs I'd seen in a month of Sundays. I noticed him immediately, when his class came to the library on a field trip a few weeks ago. Got the scoop on him and his brother while we wandered the isles picking out cool books. The brother, who's no slouch in the charm department, was definitely into soldiers. Thank goodness he had a dad who wasn't too rigidly liberal to let him check out what he wanted - Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and Winter on the Farm - good boy stuff.

The big thrust will come today, though, when we have the Learn to Draw Dinosaurs class in the afternoon. Self is teaching it and is enormously grateful for Ed Emberly & his son Michael, who wrote the drawing books I wanted, but never could find, when I was a kid. When LD was a first grader he was sick enough to stay home from school for a week, but not all that miserable. I checked out Ed Emberly's Make a World, bought us both drawing pads, brand spanking new markers, and we drew every picture in that book - front to back. When we were done, LD had the confidence to draw and from then on became the designated class artist. I've used the Emberly books ever since, to teach boy scouts, library staff, and even the odd adult patron, not so much how to draw, as how to not be afraid to draw. Can't say enough good things about these books. If you know a frustrated artist, these make great gifts. NAYY.

I was utterly bushed, though, at the end of the day. BD willingly ate leftover stuff and afterwards we just got in bed and read. Alas, the crest of the euphoria wave has passed, sucked away by the chaos of yesterday, but there is still a glow of relief that the clutter of the book sale is over and done with. Besides, I get Friday off, to get my house ready for guests!!! Welcome guests, wanted guests, (some of them)visiting for the first time guests! For all that last Sunday was gorgeous, it was too cool for swimming, so I'm a little glad this weekend is supposed to be warmer. I hope it's not crushingly humid, but one can't expect too many weather god gifts in any given summer.

I knit only one row on the purple lace last night and when I finished it I realized I made a mistake the first 2 stitches, so it's tink-back time today. Thank goodness I love the process. Thank more goodness I've grown up enough to actually finish things.

BTW, in the great clean the house for the painters effort, I never did find Goldie, the sweater. I guess it's gone forever. This is a major blow to the wardrobe, since the yarn was a discontinued one and the sweater was particularly becoming to me. After all we went through together, there is an emotional hole as well. Probably I should knit another ASAP; part of the great stash reduction effort, though, with no Byzantine gold flecked yarn hidden in the drawers, I will probably use a different cable design. Maybe even do some sort of YO lacy panel knit with that Brown Sheep peacock blue stuff. Hmmm. Using up that stuff would be such a triumph, I might count it as 2 projects!

I got in a fantastic session with TtPT. That was part of why the day felt so hectic. I go to the gym at lunch time and I have an hour for lunch. If I'm only doing a 30 minute cardio workout this doesn't present much of a problem. But if I have a session with TtPT it always takes 90 minutes. But with the computer network down, and the expensive network magician having to leave at 3 and my lunch hour beginning at 1, I began to get really cranked up emotionally. Would I get back in time to finalize all the details of his efforts? Would he get the network up and running before he had to leave? Was he going to have to come back tomorrow? Alas, there was a bag of mini Oreo cookies open in the staff kitchen and two handfuls of choc-O-bites leapt into my mouth. The sugar high that produced made my legs shaky and of course, we were working on lower body that session. After a while TtPT asked, "what's wrong with your legs?", as she watched them tremble all on their own. Let me advise you, an hour with a personal trainer, working on large muscle development will press out a lot of the bad ju ju caused by scarfing down little tiny Oreo cookies.

So, there it is. Another day in the life of the One who is Like the Queen.

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