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Thursday, June 03, 2004  

Something prompted me to ask A if she had any homework for the Lily Chin class and she did, so I contacted GotYarn - Yikes! 8 swatches! plus a fairly long supply list. Whew and all that, but goodness - there goes my resolution to knit 3 rows a day on the purple mohair lace. I began the first swatch last night, but we'd had wine for dinner ... at 50+, I need not say more than thatzzzzzzz

We are having glorious weather - still a tad warmer than usual, but crisp and clear, with visibility that makes you think your eyesight has reverted to that of an adolescent. After dinner last night we took a stroll out to the mile point. The last of the blue dome was rimmed with pink cloud sculpture, shot through with golden rays; evidence of storms in Maryland and down the James towards Hopewell. That time of day the deer are grazing and the dogs, leaping to PD (Periscope Depth), pop out of the golden wheat like little jacks in boxes. Priss has the most grace, her little forelegs curled beneath her like a springbok, but Socks has the funniest ears - huge cups of fur that perk up or lie flat like Yoda, but are incapable of falling down or folding back. We have half a dozen nicknames for Socks, including Yoda, PinHead, Airplane Ears - she wags her tail to them all.

There's a bunny with a nest in the wheat field, closest to the east woods and lately, when we get to the bend in the lane there, the dogs flush him past us. They are not fast runners, and besides, they aren't really serious about catching him, but he never takes any chances. Watching those dogs, I know that when I die, if I go to heaven, I'll get to become Priss. Free to come and go, plenty of things to smell, chase, and roll in, shelter in the storm, free food, and a guiding hand dosing out protection from heartworm, ticks, and other parasitic threats. Yep. It's a dog's life.

So - it looks like there is half an hour to knit swatches. Best be off.

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