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Once again the Psychic Twins Network has turned on, I need to link to this and just say "What she said." LOL re 1hungdud - obveeuslee hookd on fonics didnut wirk fer him.

By Blogger Catherine, at 7:40 PM  

I didn't know that you had had very large parties in the spring with around 200 people. That number of guests is mind boggling to me. I have planned for around 50 before, and I thought that was a big party. You will have to tell me how you did it, especially by not spending hundreds of dollars. I'm very interested.

By Blogger Nancy, at 3:29 AM  

Or maybe Hooked on Phonics did work, and he is, in fact, one hung dud! We should feel sorry for him...

By Blogger Amie, at 12:15 PM  

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004  

So, it's not only that folk are tiring of keeping blogs, but that, across the board, readership is down. Veddy intairesting.

(and bess quickly goes to check her blogger stats)

Yep yep , I'm with the trend. But I'd noticed it some time ago. And felt the same way I feel when the library stats go down. They have been going up up up since summer 2000 when we moved into the new building, but when we slapped the filter on the Internet computers, after the supreme court ruling last July, the numbers dropped about 5%. The number of 12-15 year olds visiting the library dropped about 95%, too. Duh. No more Yahoo Chat or Black Planet. And I say Thank God! I'll take the statistical drop any day, over the angst I felt knowing that these kids with log-in names like Reddy4IT! and 1hngdud (really, I kid you not - he never learned phonics, see) weren't my responsibility any more.

Of course, their parents had signed every paper known to lawyers saying that "absolutely they knew the internet had BadStuff on it and they had had serious discussions from their little preteeny hormone-driven carbon based ambulatory bi-ped and OfCourse Their little Janie or Johnny weren't going to do SomethingLikeThat" but hey. Who's kidding whom? And the kids were sure that if there were no pictures and they couldn't see me, then - I would never know. Well. I was 13 once. I remember.

I say "just gimmee those filters, baby."

So there - I seldom really know where my writing is going to go when I sit down at the computer in the morning. I always save my blog post for last. Then, if something in the news, or my favorite knitting sites, or my personal e-mail, pricked a vein, I can fit it into my posts. Of course, sometimes when I start writing, DeepInnerStuff will pour out uninvited. Hadn't realized I was still upset about the kids on the chat groups. I intended to offer up my contribution to the discussion of WhyWeBlog - the result of a spate of GoodbyeBlogworld farewells. And to sort out my thoughts about the difference between public and private writing.

I have scores of diaries filled with private writing. It's pretty boring too. Gushing with emotions and feelings and soppy language and just the teensiest bit of information. Not long ago, I had a chance to read a diary written when I was 10 and was a little embarrassed to find it sounded exactly like the diaries I'd written in my 30's. I was also interested to find that I don't really feel the need to put those particular emotions down on paper any more. It's not that I don't roil with passion any more - but that I have a different avenue for expressing them. They were the steam valves of my psyche. I have my praying places now and I can go puke out my guts there and don't seem to need written proof that they are now expunged.

Ahhh, but public writing. Hmmm. Yes. I admit it. I do write for an audience. Not that I am not a part of that audience, but this is intended for public consumption - otherwise I'd just put it in a .doc file. I do want the comments, the feedback. And no, I don't go to controversial places, either. I'm not particularly interested in changing someone else's mind. My venting will always be personal. Nor will I offer up my family's laundry, dirty or clean. (Well, I may trash my sister in law, but hey, she deserves it.) If I don't want my boss to read it, I probably won't put it on the blog.

Proof that logic has no place here.

I guess I blog because:

A.) I've always talked too much, I suspect because I've so often seen myself in the 3rd person; as someone about whom I could gossip, since I had all the scoop on her. Myself as "other" has colored my entire life.

B.) I like to take a bit of a thought and see where it goes - or where it came from. For a feeler, really asking myself what I think about something is always a journey into the unexpected. I'm often surprised to find that my intense feelings are prompted by an actual intellectual choice. Hey - I didn't know I had a reason! I actually had an opinion.

Eh. There. To quote my friend L, "It's all about me, isn't it?"

Well, it's somewhat about me knitting. And the knitting report is good. I got in 2.75 complete patterns on the mohair lace. I could have done more but I found a mistake, which I will correct, not re-knit. But correcting mistakes in a car in the evening dusk is not a good idea, so it's set aside till this evening.

And the art exhibit was delightful. And we ate wicked Chocolate Charlotte afterwards, and drank exotic coffee. What a thing to do on WW night!

posted by Bess | 7:33 AM