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How on *earth* do you work with mohair in hot humidity?! You are one dedicated knitter, gal. :-) I now live in so-called "dry" heat, and have trouble with furry, fluffy yarns in the summer (which might actually arrive here this weekend!).

By Blogger Margaret, at 10:52 AM  

Have you tried knitting the back and forth sections in combination? On my tank, I found it much easier to adjust to the change from all knit circ to k&p combi than to go to continental purling... just a thought...

By Blogger Amie, at 2:47 PM  

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Thursday, June 17, 2004  

Okay. No more whining. At least for today.

I make no promises about complaining about the weather though. It's gawdawful hot and soppingly humid. My refrigerator is sweating so, I begin to fear its compressor is sliding into the repair zone. BD won't run the fan if he isn't in the room but we have stone floors that get slippery when wet. We're going to have it out over this one and I wasn't helped any by the SmartestPersonInTheWorld, who said, in a recent Sunday column, that running the fan actually makes the air hotter and it only feels cooler because moving air evaporates moisture from your skin. Well, my floors need moisture evaporated from them too!

I overheard some town heavies muttering about how glad they will be after this weekend is over. Putting on a town festival is such a lot of work. It's definitely the sort of thing you're glad you did, but oh the lead up to it. Last year was the first time in almost a decade that we've made such a big splash and this year we are remembering why we let big festivals fade. They are so much darn work.

I'm using one of my favorite tricks for approaching demanding activities. I tell myself, "In 58 hours it will all be over. In 57 hours I'll be sipping wine on the back porch." That target, moving ever closer into range, helps me set aside dread and speed the passage of time. Suddenly it's here and then it's over and what do you know? I'm sipping wine on the back porch!

In casting back over the past few posts, I see there hasn't been much fiber talk. Well. I am knitting on the lace mohair. (Mohair lace?) It's a dropped stitch pattern, the sweater body knit in the round to the armhole bindoffs. I'm working on the chest and upper back portions, which are knit back and forth and my fingers are so slow in adjusting to the purl rows. Especially purling back when dropping the triple wrap. It's also a geometric challenge for me to bind off a wrapped stitch. I haven't yet seen the patterns so I am literally knitting one stitch at a time.

Pattern recognition has always been one of my strongest assets. It's why I can play back a song the first time I hear it - because all songs are made up of patterns, many of which I already know. It's the same with story lines. If you don't want to know how the movie ends till the fat lady sings - if you are savoring the petal-by-petal revelations - if suspence feeds your soul - don't sit with me at the theater. My brain is scurrying around picking up cues right and left and within 10 minutes of most films, I've figured out the end. Even facial cues are patterns to me. When the ....

Well darn. Already I'm sliding away from fiber talk on this so-called knitting blog. Huh. Must not want to write about knitting. And I'm not spinning right now because I'm trying to be methodical about completing projects. Hmmm.

Okay, one last bit about MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME and I'll log off. I think I don't want to write about knitting because I'm not creating something new with my needles. I'm finishing something I already understand. What is going on in the fiber mind is a series of mathematical binary dreams about knitting. I wake up, at 3 am, from absolutely frightening dreams of stitches popping up on needles in hyperspeed. You never see the knitter - not even her hands. Just these stitches exploding in designs and shapes and patterns. I don't usually have surreal dreams, but my subconcious been creating vivid, Stanley Kubrick knitting dreams for days now. All that's needed is a little Richard Strauss soundtrack and I'll be ready to start shooting.

I assure myself that I'm not being visited by spirits, but am, in fact, preparing myself for the first cool days, when I can begin working on a multi-directional sweater knit from my stash yarns. That's what I really want to be working on. But not in a drippingly humid June. And not before I finish this light fluffy purple mohair lace. Oh. Yes. And I also have to finish that spinning project. Oh. Yeah, and the knitted squares. La! A knitter's work is never done.

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