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The last time Girl was home she devoured four Harry Potters in three days and took the fifth one home with her - she hadn't read them before because of the weight of her schoolwork and job, and she was instantly hooked. She's already seen the newest movie, the little rat. I have contractors in my house all weekend again, so I don't know when I'll get there, but I will go soon. I think I'll watch the other movies on DVD to whet my appetite.

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Blogger hasn't recognized me in a very long time. Not that that's any consolation. Several of my daily read blogs have noted the decline in readership or number of hits. I wonder if it's a seasonal thing or if the novelty has worn off.

I'm excited to see the latest HP movie but I'd rather have a new book. Isn't it supposed to be out soon?

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004  

I've quit telling Blogger to remember me. It refuses, so I am resigned to having to log in each time I open the program. I've also noticed that more and more of the blogs I read on a daily basis are shutting down, shifting gears or going into hibernation. While I feel a twinge of sadness when someone stops blogging, I also understand exactly how something that was fun can stop being fun. I have no trouble utterly abandoning things that no longer feed me.

For years I gave big parties in the spring. BIG parties. 200 guests. I had a lovely garden full of roses to show off. I enjoy being in a crowd when I'm on secure turf. I like to perform. It was always fun to see how elegantly I could pull something off on my budget (which is extremely small) It was the only way I could justify buying a(nother) really fluttery dress and flowerdy hat. But the year I realized that everybody, husband included, expected me to give a party, even began telling me what to serve and what to offer, was the year I stopped. Dead in the water, I haven't given such a big party in 4 years.

The itch is on me again, though, and very possibly I will throw one next spring. Just that ... I'm not obliged to.

To the busy, tired, or bored ones who have moved on I send you my thanks for your lively, entertaining words and good wishes for your new ventures.

Yesterday was such a drag - having to be at work when I could have been designing new sweaters. And if only I had arms like Shiva I could knit two sweaters at once! Of course, since Shiva is the destroyer, maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea.

My reward, though, for being such a good girl and actually going to work and even doing a little labor while there, was to find this and this in my mailbox when I got home. I haven't done a strict page by page comparison of this new Nicky Epstein book with her Knitted Embellishments, but I see enough different designs to justify the second book. This newer book has lots of ruffles - something I am interested in mastering. The Fair Isle book was pure indulgence. I know I will knit a pair of them. I suspect I shan't knit all that many, though. And I already had both glove and mitten patterns, so I didn't actually need a whole book on the topic. As I said - this was indulgence.

Another treat coming my way is a half day today - or at least a partial day. A dear friend is hostessing me at a reception and showing of Van Gogh at the Virginia Museum in Richmond. (Hmmm. Is that the verb I am seeking? Members and guests, the invitation said, so, since I am a guest and she is a member doesn't that make her one of the hostesses?) We'll take off sometime in the early afternoon and get home about the same time I usually get home on Tuesdays. An added bonus will be that I'll have that lovely drive to get in some knitting. I am 2 rows behind my proposed knitting schedule. I would like to catch up.

Step-son B will show up today and later in the week all three darlings will head out for a camping trip down the Rappahannock and up the Potomac. I think I'll take advantage of the resulting empty evenings to go see Harry Potter. I have thoroughly enjoyed the other movies and I expect to enjoy this one. I don't remember enough about the 3rd book to be upset if they don't give a blow by blow account of each detail. I read the first 4 books all in a spell of about 4 days, one summer, when I needed to escape from reality. A good way to do it if you can get away with it. As I recall, I never got out of bed till about 5 o'clock, when I insisted that BD take me to a restaurant for dinner so I wouldn't have to bother with kitchen duty. He did, too. 3 days in a row. He really is one of the good guys.

So - looks like there's a little time to knit purple mohair. Off we go, then.

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