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Friday, June 04, 2004  

I think what my hands need is a solid week of doing nothing - especially no typing. They really ache. When I go a day or so without much typing, as I did last weekend, they improve tremendously. So it may be that I may take a week off altogether - but if I do, I'll post a heads-up about it.

I knit 2 of the Lily Chin class' little swatches yesterday and suddenly remembered how much I love trying new techniques. It's amazing, the intense rush of energy, creativity, and excitement that comes from closely examining what the yarn is doing. I had a month of that back in April '02 when I did the TKGA Level 1 masters project. BTW, I sent it in and it was rejected because I'd knit the edge stitches ... hmmm. some way they didn't like. I forget. Either I slipped the first stitches or did a garter stitch edging instead of straight knitting and purling on the edge stitches. And I mixed up the labels on two decrease swatches. But I was invited to send it in again, with corrections, and the woman who judged it said that my article on blocking was the best she'd ever read.

I never have sent in the work for re-evaluation, mostly because I had satisfied my hunger for the moment. I got so much out of knitting those little swatches and examining them closely. I learned a tremendous amount about knitting. I'd even like to do the next level to learn even more. But at the time I was busy elsewhere with my knitting, and of course, I'd bought HeyBaby and was swept up in the thrill of learning to spin. Besides, I don't really need anybody's approval - what I needed was the knowledge. The program gave me just enough structure to gain that knowledge.

As I knit the diagonal swatch yesterday, I was inspired to apply that to a challenge project I'm working on. I'd seen this sort of knitting in Anny Blatt patterns but the patterns are so tightly printed, in small fonts and columns, my dyslexic eyes just see a mishmash of scribbles when I try to read them. What joy to just learn the technique and apply to shapes inspired by all those gorgeous photos, without short circuiting the brain with someone else's abbreviations!

Tomorrow I'll join A in Richmond, where she is taking a different Lily Chin class, and we'll pal around for the afternoon. We'll spend the night with my folks and I'll go to the class on Sunday. So I guess, if I'm going to get those other swatches done I'd best hop to it. TA.

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