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Friday, June 18, 2004  

I just spent all my blogging time writing a looooong post on KR Forums. You can read it here if you’re curious, though I suspect most of my blog readers are also Forumites. The question revolves around purchasing a Golding spinning wheel. Having tried one last May at MS&W, I’m seriously considering saving up for one. It’s one of those long term projects, though, and not deserving of much discussion at this moment. Certainly not duplicate discussions.

34 hours till I’m sipping that wine on the back porch, btw.

Yesterday I was talking to BD about the humidity and slippery floor (and he did keep the fan on all day and the floor was dry when I got home). I said I wished I had some silicone gel to sprinkle on the floor, and by golly, look what I found at the grocery store that afternoon? DampRid. Hmmm.

I know, I can’t dehumidify the world and in this house, sans A/C, the world is definitely with us. But on the absolute worst days - those times when you just can’t stand to walk around, maybe this will help. I opened up the package and overnight all the little gel beads solidified, but I have to admit, the floor in the kitchen is pleasant and in the office it’s still a little sticky. This stuff just might do the trick when I really need it.

Yesterday I thought of two topics I wanted to cover in future blog postings. One was worthy of weighty thought. Alas, I have now forgotten where that thought was to have weighed. The other was about the importance of a good haircut. Unfortunately, my hands are telling me to get off this keyboard and I must obey.

Not a stitch was knit last night, but Margaret - I’m knitting mohair lace - light fluffy clouds, not stifling blankets. It’s a dropped stitch pattern that gets about 1 stitch and 4 rows to the inch. I’m also mostly knitting only in the early morning, before the day grows miserable. And Amie - I’ll give it a try because the issue really is tension. If it’s a struggle to learn a new movement while adjusting the tension I’ll stick with the known and just tighten up on the yarn.

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