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I am glad I am not the only one left cold by painted plaques and ruffled dust catchers! By the way, if you have the "accelerated" dial up internet, it will block you from looking at your blog (rather, it does not let it refresh). I used to have that problem, then I discovered I could de-activate the acceleration when I wanted to look at something important.

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Saturday, June 19, 2004  

I have about 5 minutes to say it all - which shan't be much. I am restraining myself from giving an hourly countdown lest it sounds like I won't have any fun today. I truly will. In fact, yesterday, BH and I walked down town for lunch (all of 3 blocks) and stood around enjoying the preparations. As we sat in the window booth at one of the restaurants she commented that she just loved Tappahannock and I realized one of the many reasons why I adore this woman. I love it too. It's quaint and provincial and corny and predictable and patriarchal and intimate and generous and forgiving and really, just a place I'm very glad I live in. Living here is like going to a continuous, gigantic, family reunion, with all the requisite squabbles and devotion. I love having a place here.

And before I get distracted and begin to prose on about small town Amurika, I'd best finish up my original thought, log off and get dressed. BH is my right hand lady today and as we discussed the schedule, I could feel the energy picking up. By the end of lunch we knew we were going to have a fantastic time at the fesitval. Mind, now, I still had more books to organize, more boxes to lable and more posters to put together, but knowing that Saturday was going to be pure fun really pumped me up. And you can rest assured that sometime during the acute angle of the sun, I'll be sipping wine on the back porch. Weather dot com promises that tomorrow will be in the 70's, with no rain and no humidity. I plan to knit. And relish both the time off and the caressing weather.

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