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Friday, May 07, 2004  

Whooee - It's Friday already. One week ago I was getting the car packed. Man - this is worse than Christmas - or perhaps I should say, "this is as good as Christmas."

But Friday it is and I have suddenly been released from any hostess duties, as plans swung 180 and turned me into a guest instead. The HouseTidy goddesses must have intervened and all we have to do is hop in the (one hopes) repaired car, with windows that now close, and toodle up to F'burg to look for crowds of people in pretty clothes gathered on green lawns.

I am taking the morning off today so as to be here when Sheryl comes. The goal is to clean and polish whatever parts of the house that are not serving as depots, then restore William's room to usefulness. Our MwP says he will continue to work outside while we have good weather and next week, when storms are predicted, he'll move back in and do my bedroom and BD's office.

The best news about all this is - I don't have to scrub the porch this spring! This massive task, essential in early summer and of great value if repeated towards August, usually takes my nails and most of the skin on my nuckles. I don't know why we seem to attract so very much dirt. I know country houses tend to need more cleaning than suburban or city houses, but ours seems to be a veritable DirtMagnet.

Huh - who wants to hear about cleaning my house?

Let us leave Cinderella to her task. I hope next week I shall be more interesting.

Where is that swiffer?

posted by Bess | 6:35 AM