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Sunday, May 30, 2004  

Well. Isn't this cute. Today is my 500th post on LtQ.

Huh. I don't have anything special to say.

Seems a shame, seems like there ought to be some statement to make, some goal to have achieved. I do think it's impressive that I have actually kept up with a diary for 500 entries. Little pat on my back there. And I sure don't want to get into the philosophy of numbers and why we believe we should make an issue out of some, but not others. That is one of the discussions BD and I have when we don't have anything else to talk about: What are the virtues of numbers?

I spent the most glorious day of spring 2004 indoors yesterday and today, while it's a rather nice cool temperature, it's grey grey grey. Laundry may dry outside, and it may not. The D's have gone off to talk to a land owner about a property line. Later today we'll take the boat down to Hannah's place, pick her up and bring her back for dinner.

My own plans include a little exercise, a little knitting (only one repeat left on the pink silk shawl) and some serious lounging. The new SpinOff arrived yesterday and I am lusting over the white socks on the cover. I have this urge to spindle spin enough yarn for a pair of socks - and as I contemplated that I began to think about a dye project or two. So there's just enough to choose from to make the weekend interesting, but not so much to feel burdened by dooty.

I'd say that makes it a perfect weekend. Guess I'll go enjoy it.

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