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Saturday, May 29, 2004  

Topsy still has a little bit of limp but she is ready to move anytime she thinks you have food in your hand, might have food in your hand, or used to have food in your hand. When I got home last night, both D's met me at the front door. LD hadn't heard about the leg in a bucket, so the whole story was told again. She was really shaggy and I had been intending to give her a good brushing so we all sat around her praising her and scratching her eyes while I brushed about a pound of yellow lab hair out of her fur. This is Topsy's favorite activity these days and even though each stroke of the brush tickled her, making her legs kick, she wagged her tail through the whole session.

Priss danced by to see what was going on, took one look at the brush and scampered back out to the barley field. Socks, a.k.a. TheNeck, had found something disgusting to roll in and wanted very much to share. She, too, likes a good session with the brush and was sure we'd admire her perfume. Later, the D's took her down to the creek for a swim, but she still had to spend the evening outside.

When I got home, Thursday, to work on pages with numbers, I found BD immersed in cleaning out the broom closet. That closet is just an empty box and everything to do with cleaning that didn't come wet, in a bottle, got tossed in there. Brooms, of course and vacuums, with all their scattering parts; crushed boxes of TallKitchenTrashCanLiners; fly swatters; 3, count 'em, 3 yardsticks; aprons. There was a nice metal dust pan but it was black and flat and always getting lost in there. Himself didn't even need to tell me what was going on. In that telepathic communication people develop after a few decades, I knew instantly that, since he couldn't put order to those pages with numbers, at least he could put order to the closet.

When I got home yesterday, he proudly flung open the door on a model of efficient tidy organization! Brooms are off the floor, a little stick-up rack holds every loose vacuum attachment, narrow shelves hold litte bags and wide shelves hold big bags. There's even a bracket for the hand-held vacuum. The only thing on the floor of that closet is the upright vacuum. It would make the folk at EasyClosets or Home Depot green with envy - and best of all, it's got that BD look. All his carpentry carries a distinctive feel to it - like a signature, and I would rather have something built by him than by anyone else.

The weather backed around last night and today dawned crsip, clear, beautiful and fresh. Something is not right. We've had a month of 90 degrees and humidity and the first day of a holiday weekend dawns perfect? And I have to go to work!?! Well! I wonder if anybody will come in at all. Who wants a book on a perfect day? Hmmm.

Ah well, off I go.

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