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Thursday, May 27, 2004  

Today is hump day this week because I have to work on Saturday. I have never really minded working on Saturday but it really bugs BD, so I don’t do it often. But nobody else wanted to work on the holiday weekend and we haven’t any go-away plans. Too bad it’s supposed to be a beautiful, blissfully cooler day, but Saturday is a short day at work and it gives me an opportunity to get to the gym as well. I would never drive all the way back to town just to work out.

My little town has a summer festival called RivahFest! and the library will be selling used books there. This means, of course, gathering used books from hither & yon - which means the place is becoming a junk pile. We’ve given over the meeting room for storage and sorting, and I’ve pulled mama-rank and marshaled LD & Friends to do the lifting and toting. But it’s a messy sloppy time at work.

What is it with my life? I go 5 weeks with chaos at home, and the first week it’s back to normal, the clutter just moves on down to work. The book sale will be the opening salvo of summer madness - Summer Reading Club - 6 weeks of calculated clutter, as elementary kids pour in to earn cracker jack prizes for reading library books plus weekly crafts programs and some puppet shows to boot. The needle won’t begin to move towards calm organization again till August when the vacation crowd pours in. “I live in Michigan, but can I get a library card anyway?” “My sister once had a library card here and we’re staying in Simonson this week, so can I check out books on her card?” “Can I use my Maryland library card at your library?”

Actually we do work to accommodate the rivah cottage crowd, but there are limits, and no, you can’t use your sister’s card unless you’re holding it in your hot little hand.

So - the first slow-down-calm will be after Labor Day - and please God, no hurricane this year.

Nary a stitch done yesterday, but I got to watch the ballerinas. Lawsee - it was a three county wide combined ballet schools production with all dancers being under 10 and you never saw so many Jersey and Maryland cars parked in town! Grandmas and Granddads came from miles around. If you remember the band concert in Music Man, you’ll have an idea of how it went. It’s the sort of event that holds limited appeal - but I fall well within those limits. I really dig little kids doing cutsie things. It’s that sugar water pumping through my veins.

I’m taking the afternoon off today, to help BD with some serious bookkeeping and there’s the funeral in the a.m. It’s a strangely out of order kind of day.

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