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Monday, May 10, 2004  

"To err is human." So that's all right then. Your membership of the race is not in question. Nor, quite clearly, is a certain other person's. The two of you are subject to the same physical laws, the same psychological challenges and the same emotional pressures as all other people on this earth. Naturally enough then, mistakes have been made, are being made and probably will always be made. Remember please, this week that while 'to forgive is divine', to expect perfection from anyone, yourself included, is just downright daft.

Now - that is why I like to read Jonathan Cainer's horoscopes every morning. He is the least Virgo-bashing astrologer I’ve ever come across. Note how he does not say “don’t be so damned picky” nor “who do you think you are to be so critical?” And did you read between those lines . . . “yes, he’s wrong and you’re quite right in your complaints.”

And he is. And if I don’t deal with this soon I’m going to have 2 weeks without a ceiling fan and no MwT around to fix it.

I’m still dancing around my fiber stash instead of diving in. Don’t know why - other than I have to have TheTalk with BD about some issues and coming to grips with interrupting all the fun we’re having to discuss Things tends to waste about a week of my time. Thank goodness we don’t have to do this often.

As for fun, though, this weekend really did offer up a plethora of it. As I said, Mother’s Day has never been much of an event around here. Sometimes I’d go to mama’s, sometimes we’d go out to dinner, most of the time it’s warm enough that we can lounge about doing nothing, and every once in a while it falls on LD‘s birthday. This year I had to go in to work - ugh - and help with fixing our web page. Of course, things took longer than I’d expected and I didn’t get to tackling the Victorian Furniture till about 1, but that room full is now arranged, and, while not in proper order, all my books and magazines are back on the shelves in their correct section. I like to say I don’t have that many books. I lie when I do. I have a ton of them, and I’ve moved them twice in the past 2 weeks. There are 15+ feet of knitting, spinning, dyeing and gardening books in LD‘s old bedroom. There are more volumes on the above topics scattered about the house and there is a collection of turn-of-the-century novels, a small case of odds and ends, and a pile of miscellaneous items in the north dormer window. And this is just my hobby shelf. The serious tomes fill the 60+ odd feet of bookshelves in BD's office and then there are the cookbooks in the kitchen and the ready reference books in the living room - you get the picture.

We’re getting down to the wire on this house paining stuff. I got in a few licks on the porch before BD suggested we go for a swim. Now, it’s definitely a HeMan effort to swim in the Rappahannock in May. It can put a little hair on your chest even in early June, but by then the days are so hot you’re really glad for that. There was even an historic year when we went swimming on our anniversary - April 17! Two, even, 1976 and 2002. But usually I am not so bold till after mid May. We’ve had a spell, though, of some pretty hot weather, so off we went, to the swimming beach, and after a heart stopping plunge into ice berg cold, we had a refreshing time of it and were back home before by 5.

We were also invited to dinner at LD‘s house, confirming my opinion that there would be no Mother’s Day at all, were it not for girls. GF, I am sure, had chivvied him into action and there were even presents - the particular type I like - a huge bouquet of flowers picked from the yard and a block of my favorite cheddar cheese. Now, LD is a darling, and will always come help me if I need him, and never says “yeah yeah, in a minute” in answer to my plea, but a bouquet of flowers is not in his repertoire. This was purely the work of XX chromosomes and I appreciate it truly as a gift from them both.

It was a sweet evening full of laughter and story telling and the song of the peepers in LD‘s pond. He lives in the house of an old friend, long gone now, and I am sure John Allen was looking down from heaven with deep approval.

I have been fiddling with my blog template, with modest success. If I still can’t add a comments feature I shan’t worry since tagboard is back up again.

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